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Synth Porn of the Week: March 4th - 10th
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The Guvnor    Said...


10-Mar-13 04:22 PM

loneraver    Said...

Every time I see this image posted, I always ask around if anybody is interested in a high stakes heist. Everyone has a good laugh and thinks I'm joking.

Errrr. I want to lift those synth racks up from the ceiling Mission Impossible 1 style. Anybody interested in a heist, please contact me.

10-Mar-13 07:35 PM

Mag66    Said...

Kate Bush with her Fairlight...

Sexy and inspiring.. and the same can be said for Kate too!

10-Mar-13 09:06 PM

unFair-lighted    Said...

Yep -

Always been an ambition of mine - push two Fairlights together on the floor, power them on, make love to Kate Bush on them and make a "rock and roll love song" !!!

11-Mar-13 05:53 AM

mattsynth    Said...


11-Mar-13 06:53 AM

Burnkit2600    Said...

Thanks for the love fellas.

Be warned, I totally have laser alarm trips all up in my vault. Not heist friendly.

Give me a shout if you need help with that 626!

12-Mar-13 11:19 PM

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