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More Sounds From Waldorf Rocket
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Tribrix    Said...

Instead of more renderings, they should show it naked, like Moog did with the Sub Phatty before NAMM, but maybe that's not Waldorf's style.

01-Mar-13 02:25 PM

Joc    Said...

I don't think this video is 3D rendered. Little things like the imperfections in the chrome switches, the general lighting. Completely different to the first video.

01-Mar-13 06:29 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Which parts in the accompanying piece is by the synth and what's added from other instruments? And what production was implemented on the demo.

What's the point of giving an audio demo when you can't tell which is the synth?

02-Mar-13 07:49 AM

Tribrix    Said...

@Joc. You're right. I was watching on iPhone and didn't see those the first time.

03-Mar-13 01:12 AM

GTRman    Said...

What happened to Pulse II? I have an original Puse unit and the bass that comes out of that unit just shakes your house. I was looking forward to the new Pulse II not a cheap toy like unit.

04-Mar-13 07:46 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I'm with GTRman... I heard an original Pulse in a store a few months back and I couldn't believe how great it sounded. I went back the next day to get it and it was gone. It's cool that this looks like it will actually come to market, but I have a ton of decent to great monosynths already with no presets, etc. I'd love to have something with memories etc. like what the Pulse 2 is (or was) looking to be like.

10-Mar-13 05:50 PM

Peter K.    Said...

And this video is definitely not rendered...

10-Mar-13 05:51 PM

Audiofanzine    Said...

Feel free to check out our review of Rocket here:

08-Jan-14 05:36 AM

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