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Amped Bitesize Review: Boss DS1 Classic Distortion Pedal
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loneraver    Said...

It was my first distortion pedal.

I wish this feature could have been expanded to how well these distortion pedals sound on a TB-303. Oh well

02-Mar-13 03:32 PM

Ewing Falla    Said...

It's a versatile pedal, very recommended :)

03-Mar-13 08:30 AM

ravingloner    Said...

@loneraver clue's in the name 'bitesize review'. If you want to hear it with a specific combination of products, then go to your local guitar shop and test it!

03-Mar-13 10:02 AM

loneraver    Said...

@ravingloner, (I see what you did there). It's not a criticism and I don't think less of it for not doing this. In fact, I think the scope is ambitions on it's own right.

Though I have to ask since you brought it up, can you please tell me where there is a local guitar shop with a TB-303. I am very interested.

03-Mar-13 09:47 PM

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