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Free Novation Launchpad App Available Now
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JJ    Said...

It's a nice start. But. No way to import your own samples (and remove the factory content) and the lack of MIDI makes one want more than it has to offer. The interface and workflow is nice, so hope to see it develop to something useful!

28-Feb-13 02:22 PM

shaneking    Said...

This really would be an awesome app if you could import your own samples and exactly what I've been looking for.

28-Feb-13 02:39 PM

RP    Said...

See above comments!

Yeah, this is actually a really nice app, Ableton Live with Stutter Edit (lite) in one interface. I know this was meant to drive people towards the Novation hardware but if they allowed sample imports I'd easily pay $10 for it.

01-Mar-13 03:11 PM

masum    Said...

Would this work on kindle and how do you download it for free on iphone

13-Dec-14 04:59 AM

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