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Rocket Launches
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Paul    Said...

only USB power?

22-Feb-13 11:33 AM

NO MORE TOYS, MERCI!!!    Said...

Great. Yet another toy.


22-Feb-13 01:42 PM

Blue Monster 65    Said...

The manual says to use only the USB adapter that comes with it - I wonder if that means it has an actual AC adapter with a USB plug on it that can substitute for a USB connection.

Or maybe I didn't read far enough ...

22-Feb-13 03:00 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

I'm glad to see more affordable hardware coming out the pipes.

22-Feb-13 06:39 PM

Quiggers    Said...

real or vapor? moog just video'd a pcb before namm, no computer generated images.

24-Feb-13 06:15 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I'm with Quiggers on this one. It's a video of a computer image of a synth that may or may not actually appear. Like the Stromberg, Zarenbourg, and the Pulse 2. Waldorf iPad synth app anyone??

Don't get me wrong; I love the products they made that actually make it to market - the Blofeld is great - but it does feel like they are running on vaporware more than actual products these days.

I was excited for the Pulse 2. Did they even show it at NAMM this year?

With the Rocket - if it comes to market - what concerns me is that it feels VERY limited in some ways. I went through the manual, and I can't find anything about an attack control on the envelope. Really??

24-Feb-13 01:59 PM

GTRman    Said...

Where is the Pulse 2, that is a real instrument. This thing is another toy like the Minibrute and the new Korg MS20. Cheap build, wobbly knobs, no patch memory, crappy small keybords (or none at all), not rack mountable. Nothing great about this unit.

25-Feb-13 07:49 AM

Axial    Said...

I have to agree with the general sentiment, sadly this retro nonsense will not stop with the antiquated controls and so forth.

Yet beyond that, enough with the toys. Waldorf would have been better served releasing the Pulse 2 before committing to something I expect from Korg. And that is not a knock on Korg per se.

25-Feb-13 12:50 PM

selercs    Said...

Not bad. Who cares if its made in Germany, Japan or US, btw? :)

25-Feb-13 07:02 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I don't care where something is made if it sounds, works and feels good. Let's see if it actually comes out.

26-Feb-13 02:49 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Good news! Turns out that they're actually making this unit! Thanks to Derek for mentioning this as an aside in the Avid Investigation comments.

Some demos:


Best of all, it sounds GOOD!

Fingers crossed...

27-Feb-13 10:54 AM

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