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NI Finally Release Traktor DJ iPad App - Its Good
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Dan Stenning    Said...

Actually I think you'll find those "well founded algorithms" largely come from zPlane, not NI, via their elastique licenses.

21-Feb-13 09:22 AM

Socalled innovation    Said...

An obvious Samplr Rip!

21-Feb-13 01:19 PM

Funkdefino    Said...

iPad + DJ App = YAWN!

21-Feb-13 08:00 PM

DJbigBALLS    Said...

now even your grandma can DJ! These companies have taken all the work out of the equation. Not that dj's did much to begin with but now it must be downright boring. Now they have to make shit up for them to do!

22-Feb-13 08:45 AM

RP    Said...

Grrrreat, I watched the videos, saw the integration with Traktor Pro, read some glowing App store reviews, got ready to purchase and saw it's not compatible with the iPad 1 as it needs IOS 6. God I hate technology companies some days.

22-Feb-13 09:11 AM

Traktor is no rip-off    Said...

@socalled innovation that's a very uninformed opinion. I'm imagining you haven't used either app, as Samplr is not a DJ software at all (and I use it constantly, because I'm not a DJ). It's a completely new instrument. Traktor has a long-standing history in the DJ culture, and the idea that they would rip-off Marcos's app is laughable.

22-Feb-13 12:49 PM

tiago    Said...


08-Mar-13 11:37 AM

tiago    Said...


08-Mar-13 11:38 AM

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