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Deadmau5 Buys A Classic Fairlight CMI
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CD    Said...

Maybe he can tell now that he invented sampling

19-Feb-13 10:19 AM

RP    Said...

Kinda like buying a cassette walkman really, there's a reason that some things...though vital in the evolutionary chain....should remain nothing more than a memory (or lack thereof in this case)

19-Feb-13 04:28 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Wait till he tries to use the thing and gives up. It will soon end up on eBay.

19-Feb-13 05:47 PM

JB    Said...

Yes, but the 30A is much more than a CMI emulator (ignoring the original sales pitch and physical design) plus there are significant updates in the pipeline which could be very interesting considering the sound engine that it's powered by.

19-Feb-13 05:52 PM

raphus    Said...

Jeez, so much snark. Leaving aside its updated capabilities, retro is perpetually in fashion, right? The original Fairlight had a particular sound that nothing else--modern or old--has ever nailed. Were all the bitchy comments here made by people who lust after vintage analogs? Has Deadmou5 done something (other than invent a stupid name) to deserve the insults?

20-Feb-13 05:18 PM

gridsleep    Said...

"...consigned to the past for good." That got me thinking of writing with a quipu on a clay tablet, or playing a lyre at an Athenian pantheon. How is the music industry and today's musicians going to handle it when the oil runs out and there's no more electricity? Although I suppose more sensible people (read: mundane) will be more concerned with what to eat after polishing off the house pets, what with the neighbors having gotten so protective of their children and all. Maybe they'll go after the musicians.

03-Mar-13 02:04 AM

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