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Give Your Guitar A Facelift With Stunning Handpainting From Bad Ace
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RVH    Said...

Nice super strat body minus the pkups & Id like 2see the "WALL" on a Real Strat..A temporary USA resident living @ R.A.F (79-83) hendon,England.those years l8r turned out something 4 history books.high School,seniors from american schools in London were invited to be in the movie the wall/in the first 2 rows during the auditorium scene.@the time Every one had no Idea what the wall was 2become in history! Still 2this day its Great..GTR #2the Lucille signature is the only autograph I have ever seen (playing guitar 32yrs)looking Very classy on a have "ANYONE"ruin the finish of a guitar with 1/more signatures is beyond me?!!! Have your hero`s (EVH)sign the back/headstock.. hand writing on front body??? stupid!"No way!"...Thanks Sonic state 4the 65shop Video as I own a new 65"Empire" for Xmas!!

17-Feb-13 01:26 PM

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