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Sonic Touch Ep 21 -Cubasis and Cubase IC Pro
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mattsynth    Said...

I use Touch OSC to control Cubase. Touch OSC can be custom configured by you to work the way you do and it works great. I can control just about everyting in Cubase and also use my iPad as a midi controller within Cubase. It only took me about two hours to learn and design my own custom Cubase layout. See my uTube video at

13-Feb-13 10:06 AM

Michal Janowski    Said...

Thanks for the Cubasis review, it gave ma apretty good idea what it is and what its not, also if it will make sense to install it on my iPad 2. Any comments on performance on older devices are always welcome. Next item on my wishlist: PPG Wavemapper!


13-Feb-13 10:31 AM

Mckenic    Said...

Thanks for another wonderful episode chaps!

If possible, I'd like to see an Audiobus roundup, or some older apps revisited in light of it. Since I'm new to iPad I've decided t stick to apps that use AudioBus, copy/paste or just apps that play well together. Perhaps something like that?

Also LiveFX & Glitchbeats are Wonderful!!!

Thanks again chaps!

14-Feb-13 01:52 AM

Mckenic_cant_type_on_an_iPad :)    Said...

Edit - GlitchBreaks... Apologies!

14-Feb-13 01:55 AM

hahaha    Said...

[dies laughing at the exchange of confused looks between Nick and Gaz at 18m17s]

priceless ;)

14-Feb-13 11:10 PM

Leslie    Said...

@hahaha, you are hahaha and troll as well...

15-Feb-13 01:05 AM

Dan    Said...

I own Cubasis. it isn't fit for purpose.

sounds are very basic. Ability to set loop begin and end points by keyboard missing. Which makes using the loop braces very hard.

No repeating of MIDI segments. Its more like a Cubasis 0.8 than a 1.0

Even the latest AudioBus features dont change my mind on this.

15-Feb-13 03:52 PM

Robert    Said...

You forgot to show the Cue-Mix functionality of Cubase iC Pro. You can connect 4 iPads/iPhones to Cubase and each one can set an independent headphone mix...

18-Feb-13 09:16 AM

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