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Howard Jones New Studio Shows Return To Classics
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GTRman    Said...

Wow, not one new synth in the bunch. Now that is a return to the classics. Musicians are in desperate need of great sounding synths. Stop making toys like Minibrute & the new Korg MS20 and give us good playable full size synths. These are the tools we use to make music not to play with in our home. If it was not for Moog & Dave Smith I would be out of business. Toys are for kiddies synths are for real working musicians. Nice setup Howard.

11-Feb-13 07:56 AM

Duncan    Said...

Looks good. I am wondering what happened to his Fairlight !

11-Feb-13 08:34 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Lovely setup with excellent synths and pianos - however - they look to be on very flimsey stands, uncomfortable to sit or stand at or to play. And - not a speaker in sight. Can that setup can be ergonomically comfortable to use? Would love to hear Howard Jones' rationale behind the instrument and (non)-speaker placement decisions.

11-Feb-13 10:28 AM

Ludvig    Said...

That's a Roland V-Piano.

11-Feb-13 11:52 AM

Bob    Said...

@GTRman Did you just say that the new Korg MS-20 is a toy? Are you serious? Have you even seen it?

11-Feb-13 12:47 PM

robbiemacman    Said...

The stands are a temporary addition while he plans for a more elegant floating shelf vibe in there. But I cans say a Sub Phatty & Prophet 12 will be joining the ranks for old versus well as a well stocked Mac of course! :)

11-Feb-13 03:43 PM

GTRman    Said...

Bob, I played it at the show. It is not full scale and has wobbley knobs. It looks and feels like a toy not an instrument.

11-Feb-13 04:25 PM

Just sayin    Said...

Okay, I dont think build quality is the only measure of quality - consider some classic instruments that weren't buit all that well - sh101, EDP Wasp the EHX synth thing

The only real difference is the use of surface mount manufacture techniques. Pioneered by Alesis if I remember correctly.

11-Feb-13 05:16 PM

CI    Said...

Where is the Jupiter 80 ?

11-Feb-13 08:24 PM

Bodacious    Said...

CI: "google"! haha awesome studio!!!!! of course, I'm a korg fan, so I'd have to throw in at least one korg!

11-Feb-13 09:44 PM

Saxifraga    Said...

This is not his studio but his attic. ;)

12-Feb-13 02:47 AM

Lagrange Audio    Said...

You would think he could put them on better stands or straighten them up a bit, or am I being a bit picky?

12-Feb-13 03:26 AM

JJ    Said...

Looks like Howards wife told him to put all that "useless old junk" in the corner... And he did!

And no speakers. Was told to only use headphones...

14-Feb-13 06:17 PM

robbiemacman    Said...

That is only one area of the room. We have a full computer setup with Apogee interfaces & Dynaudio Monitors.

16-Feb-13 09:49 PM

Z    Said...

Robbie, what stands are those? I think that type will work well for a synth review video series I'm planning.

19-Feb-13 08:43 PM

gridsleep    Said...

The Fairlight? Apparently, it was sold to DeadMau5. I prefer a good horsehair draftsman's brush.

03-Mar-13 02:54 AM

Kriss Bell-Wadge    Said...

Deadmouse bought one of the NEW fairlight systems, I doubt if he would have been around when Howard had his series 3

26-Jul-13 04:49 AM

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