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New Depeche Mode Single and Video
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mattsynth    Said...

I like that one. Cannot wait for this album.

05-Feb-13 10:44 AM

commuter    Said...

According the the Quietus' Facebook:

Depeche Mode fans! Just been to listen to new LP Delta Machine! A return to leathery electronics, and you can really hear that Martin Gore's work with VCMG has had a big impact. OOF!

Also they comment that Heaven is not representative of the album!

05-Feb-13 04:03 PM

commuter    Said... "It's fair to say that 'Heaven' sounds nothing like the rest of the album. It's a record filled with contradictions and surprises. There are moments of intricate beauty, songs which sound like Depeche Mode recycling their best bits through a thoroughly modern filter and tracks that echo their early Eighties synth-pop roots. The blues that Gahan wanted to showcase is undoubtedly here, but it's a uniquely Depeche take on the blues. Musically, the whole thing is dense, crammed with ideas, tracks evolving frequently from basic beginnings to completely unexpected conclusions."

can't wait!!

05-Feb-13 04:05 PM

PM    Said...

Man, Depeche Mode... Gahan/Gore duo is the electro equivalent to Lennon/McCartney. Kudos to the other guy(Fletcher) in the band also, of course. Some of their best albums of the past were done with Flood. Can't wait to hear their new stuff.

05-Feb-13 07:11 PM

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