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A Personal Drummer Inside AmpliTube
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FakeSquidmUsic69    Said...

IK Multimedia has always been lower quality everything but I suppose if you're desperate and on a budget it would make sense to spend good money on IK Snake Oil...yeah? isn't IK a disco brand always trying to be american rock but never really? Good luck to them though.

05-Feb-13 07:40 AM

RP    Said...

This forum has become a bashing ground for IK Multimedia and I won't have any of it. I applaud their new and exciting ways to squeeze money out of people.

Non universal apps, additional requirements to purchase functions that should be free, now overpriced drum loops that will be on a 50% sale in a few weeks. Well done sirs

05-Feb-13 08:50 AM

Sam Mallery    Said...

Products like SampleTank didn't do it for me, but I think IK is doing some halfway interesting things. The BlueBoard is cool. I don't know of any other Bluetooth foot pedals that can send MIDI commands to your DAW wirelessly.

05-Feb-13 09:10 AM

IK Multimedia    Said...

Why the hate? We've been making quality audio products for 16 years, and continue to move forward. We have never been lower quality, in fact our flagship products have been considered top notch for years. If you have a specific issue you should report it to us via the multiple methods available to you on our web site, etc and we'll take care of it.

This is an official IK Multimedia rep, not some anonymous comments... Hope that says at least something...

05-Feb-13 10:39 AM

Sony Corporation    Said...

It does at least say you don't know the meaning of the term 'anonymous', otherwise your driving license would have to read:

First Name: IK Surname: Multimedia

Nice troll attempt though.

06-Feb-13 09:26 AM


more junk from IK

09-Feb-13 05:39 PM

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