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Podcast: SONIC TALK 299 - Post NAMM Post-Mortem
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Sabs    Said...

about the 808,there are great sample packs of it with amazing sound and detail... but of course we want it re-issued !

31-Jan-13 11:39 AM

Sabs    Said...

about the 808,there are great sample packs of it with amazing sound and detail... but of course we want it re-issued !

31-Jan-13 11:39 AM

dyscode    Said...

Just for your Info:

the MS-20 mini is 86% of the original size, the KLC Controller is 84%.

and the keyboard is much bigger on the mini. :)

01-Feb-13 12:05 AM

William Shaver    Said...

I am curious as to whether the new slew of analog synths (both old...Minibrute, Mopho, Slim Phatty, etc and new...Minitaur, Sub Phatty, etc) has resulted in falling prices for the so-called 'vintage' synths. I have noticed--here in Toronto, Canada--that prices for vintage synths (the Junos, the Moogs, the early Korgs and so on) have tumbled quite dramatically (yeah!) over the last year or two.

01-Feb-13 09:04 AM

GTRman    Said...

KORG, Have people shrunk 14% in the last 20 years? Not all of us are small in size like the Japanese or children. Please give us a real full size instrument with a quality build.

01-Feb-13 12:27 PM

Dan    Said...

You missed the Aphex USB 500!

02-Feb-13 08:27 AM

audionerd    Said...

Here's more on the QuNexus with the poly aftertouch and the CV/gate connections:

02-Feb-13 10:07 AM

dextrus    Said...

I had the reaction as non-eric about tracktion.. absolutely loved that daw, when straight over to to check it out!!!!!

04-Feb-13 12:35 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Your comments on Roland and Yamaha not engaging synthesis is surely only partly right:

Roland, even if using old names, have been incredibly proactive in new synth developments. Here's a list of only some of their new technologies developed in the past 10 years or so:

- COSM - Vocal Design - Articulation Synthesis - The various 'V' technologies across pianos, synths and percussion - Supernatural

So although not engaging vintge legacy (as you Nick yourself point out Japanese companies don't tend to do) - all of the above technologies are incredibly strong and incredibly progressive and have been implemented across a plethora of instruments. And then there has been the revamp of sample based instruments for example from XV5080 to Fantom to Juno and so on, not to mention the recent VERY substantive nod back to their module days with the release of Integra 7.

Overall, Roland get a ridiculously hard time - even in your video - and it is not warranted.

Yamaha on the other hand - deserve a true tongue lashing for their fragrant abuse of their synth legacy - as in - they have completely abandoned it. The company who created the GX-1, CP80, CS80, GS1, DX7, SY99, VL1 and AN1x have the audacity to call the Motif a synthesizer, and have abandoned all synthesizer development since the EX5. So I think you can forget any future synths from Yamaha - surely by now all of those creative experts in Yamaha are retired and the bunch of dodo's currently running the show in Yamaha wouldn't know a synthesizer if it hit them in the face

11-Feb-13 06:00 PM

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