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WNAMM13: Apogee 64-Channel Thunderbolt Interface
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Perigee    Said...

The title of this post is incorrect - this is NOT an interface - it's a bridge to link existing Apogee interfaces to a Mac via Thunderbolt. - correct the title!!!

30-Jan-13 10:05 AM

pietje precies    Said...

Technically it's correct to call it an interface.

30-Jan-13 04:33 PM

Perigee    Said...

@pietje precies Wikipedia - are you serious in quoting that as a reliable source?

30-Jan-13 08:23 PM

Not A Pedant    Said...

Well,Apogee call it an interface, their press release states "Apogee Electronics is pleased to announce Symphony 64 | ThunderBridge, a 64 channel interface for connecting Apogee converters to any Thunderboltâ„¢ equipped Mac computer." So up yours Perigree!

31-Jan-13 07:33 AM

Perigee    Said...

The point is -

if you buy this product you cannot record anything into a computer - it is not an audio or midi interface and hence not an interface in the common use of the word in music computer circles.

I'm not trying to be smart here - the title and name are misleading - I went to the Apogee web site and read the blurb and it was only after some time was it possible to determine that this is not an interface, but a bridge to link their other audio interfaces which you must buy separately which will link into this device. It offers you the ability to link several interfaces together to allow up to 64 audio channel input into your computer - a genuinely fabulous capability (and Apogee hardware is of course all exquisite) - but, as said, this device does not offer you 64 channels of I/O - indeed it offers no I/O at all - as a one off device.

Its a Bridge!!!

Nick - fix the title - you're misleading your viewers and wasting their time !!

01-Feb-13 02:37 PM

Jay Emm    Said...

Perigee: It is, in fact, called the ThunderBridge, so Apogee is pretty clear that it's a bridge.

So, relax. Nobody is going to spend a thousand dollars based on a word in a headline.

21-Feb-13 11:55 PM

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