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WNAMM13: Buchla Music Easel Re-made
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j;po    Said...

7 min. of blah blah sound?

27-Jan-13 05:59 PM

jlj    Said...

Should of paid alessandro cortini to demo the thing......have the suit stay at home!

27-Jan-13 06:01 PM

brian from usa    Said...

Man, massive paranoia about synth nazis worried about part changes!

28-Jan-13 08:52 AM

RedWalks    Said...

There was sound all the time: its thin wah wah u hear in the background. Tbh I don`t get the Buchla magic esp at 4000$. I would maybe if it at least sounded like an VCS3

28-Jan-13 12:41 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

I thought the one of the goals of Buchla getting acquired was to make Buchla products more accessible to the masses. 4 grand is not accessible to the masses.

28-Jan-13 03:40 PM

Evan    Said...

@jlj: this guy's not a suit, he's an engineer...

@Guvnor: $4K is the least expensive Buchla ever made. What do you want, a bunch of cut corners? Get a job...

28-Jan-13 11:12 PM

Vic Tronic    Said...

As A synth addict I must say Drool ... 4000.00 is worth it if you can afford it. If it is cloned from Dons original design The Buchla music easel is a sound tool for the portable synthesist. Over the years I have had the pleasure of seeing Charles Cohen a Buchla Music Easel Masterperform many times and would live to own one.

31-Jan-13 09:36 PM

Evan is a l33tbitch    Said...

$4000? you could buy a modular that kicks the shit out of this thing. Low cost with full featured VA's do a 100 times more then this synth. I do not care how well made it is the easel is limited and costs way too much.

05-Feb-13 09:28 AM

duh mass Lives    Said...

instead of the single Easel for $4000 you could buy =) minibrute ms-20 mini moog sub phatty analog four Boomstar SEM All of those instead of one Easel?!

05-Feb-13 09:43 AM

Easel-y wins    Said...

to say the easel is limited is to not understand it at all "The system features unusually high functional density, extended dynamic range, self-contained monitoring (preview) facilities, and unrestrained expandability. Interesting new techniques for polyphonic signal generation, dynamic spectral and timbral modification, complex pattern generation, and control of spatial location and movement are introduced. Organization is optimized for compactness, ease of access, and ready comprehension." a traditional modular cant kick the shit out of a buchla because it is unique in its abilities.

06-Feb-13 02:22 PM

BuchlaForTheWin???    Said...

I think most people would be won over by a good demo. Sadly all we hear from people are basic monosynth lines and the usual pointless modular tinkering. Show us why it is worth $4000. Considering how unique the machine is this should not be hard to do. Let the bug noise and bird chirping begin!

08-Feb-13 03:08 PM

Arrmcbain    Said...

4 grand for the new Easel seems like a pretty good price! It's a high-end piece of kit after all. You could get a bunch of euro for cheaper but as a complete unit the functionality would be hard to match.

09-Feb-13 07:47 AM

kolo    Said...

guvnor is right, 4 grand is a joke for a 1 vco limited synth no matter how well built it is.

10-Feb-13 07:52 PM

bazan    Said...

18-Feb-13 05:52 PM

properboy    Said...

this is namm vapour-ware. spend your cash on things that are actually available and build a nice euro rack.

26-Apr-13 08:14 PM

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