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WNAMM13: iConnectivity Solves iPad Audio Problem - Video
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robbiemacman    Said...


27-Jan-13 10:08 PM

Rapscallion    Said...

This looks like the answer to all the interfacing problems for the i pad .Especially getting the audio digitally into the computer. ..Although it looks like the usb connectors on the front have the wrong end of the USB plug .

27-Jan-13 10:45 PM

Koshdukai    Said...

@Rapscallion: not really...

iPad+CameraConnector|USB A-type..cable..USB B-type|iConnectivity thingy

Same thing with Mac/PC|USB A-type..cable..USB B-type|iConnectivity thingy

I think the guy at the booth wasn't able to answer Nick's question about the "audio clock".

How will it deal with unmatched sample rates?

I'm imagining that it'll show up on either end (PC/Mac/iOS) as a USB audio interface, but will it have a unique global sample rate (set by any of the connected computers) or one per USB port?!

28-Jan-13 08:24 AM

JasonFromCalgary    Said...

Yeah Michael- good to see you on SonicState!!!!! Great guy and doing great stuff!

28-Jan-13 12:37 PM

hank    Said...

i use a novation x-station which has a spdif output. i just connect that into my audio interface and its good to go. never had any sync issues in general use and i set my system to listen to its sync signal when recording anything off it to avoid problems. works like a charm. and great too for the x-station, discontinued hardware that still has a very useful purpose.

29-Jan-13 03:57 PM

hank    Said...

i have a friend who is going to let me borrow his access virus ti and im going to try that with the ipad too... i dont know how the routing abilities work on the TI series but it would be cool to use the spdif IO to set up an effects loop out of my DAW... imagine a fully digital signal path to the ipad, using Moog's filtatron app as an effects send.

29-Jan-13 03:59 PM

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