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WNAMM13: The State of Bitwig - Video
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xyzzy    Said...

No dongle because they don't want to hassle users! Yay!

Challenge/response because they don't want to hassle users... yay?

Dongles, at least, don't require you to wait for authorization and are not subject to delays on holidays and weekends when you run out of authorizations. :-(

26-Jan-13 09:27 AM

asiohead    Said...

I've been really interested in this program. Too bad the guy had the enthusiasm of a pot plant and Nick had to drag everything out of him. Not very enlightening imo (though Nick asked some good questions). It would have been much better if he would at least try to convince me why I should consider Bitwig over any other DAW, say ... Live, by addressing it's unique features. (Yes I can read most of that online, but what's the point of a NAMM booth then)

Cmon dude, a little passion about your product please !

26-Jan-13 09:43 AM

onimpulse    Said...

I hate challenge/response only problems with StudioOne2 forgetting its registrations...

26-Jan-13 03:14 PM

another_sw_developer    Said...

I don't agree with lack of passion. You should understand that many SW developers are like that. I was excited about the features mentioned in the video. How clean design they have managed to get to version 1.0. And very interesting stuff planned for 2.0.

27-Jan-13 09:19 PM

Sam Mallery    Said...

I too prefer someone who explains their product with a straight-forward approach, and I think Dom did a fine job. The product itself, however, still seems far more referential than innovative or original.

28-Jan-13 12:58 PM

Ivan T. Terrible    Said...

Talking about version 2 and here we are a year or so on STILL waiting for the initial release of Version 1. *sigh*

28-Jan-13 06:07 PM

Point1    Said...

Seems like they are starting at the point where ableton live has been stopped for a while. Multi user thing seems to be most important and interesting feature so far.

31-Jan-13 05:14 PM

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