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WNAMM13: MI Audio Flex SmartAmp Sent Home By US Customs?
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whitenoise    Said...

Customs...? Was the amp filled with drugs?

25-Jan-13 04:39 PM

ditty    Said...

US customs should be working for North Korea, because they act the same way about stuff...'Retarted'!

25-Jan-13 05:33 PM

krug    Said...

What a shame, was really looking forward to MI showing this thing off. If this amp delivers even a fraction of what has been speculated it's going to turn the amp industry on it's head!

25-Jan-13 11:17 PM

Harry    Said...

I reckon some low life US competitor has told customs some elaborate lie to retard MIs growth Pricks !!

26-Jan-13 12:14 AM

Hmmmm    Said...

They don't like him cos he's Arab.(perhaps)

26-Jan-13 01:08 AM

Megaltih OC    Said...

Pathetic! Jealous competitor must have a friend in customs to stop Micheal's amp from being shown. Shame shame shame. Micheal keep your chin up it will all work out to your advantage.

26-Jan-13 06:02 AM

overlooked    Said...

the only product that caught my attention ... did customs really screwed on this one or some delayed procedures by the maker to make it there at the right time?

27-Jan-13 01:50 PM

Mr.More    Said...

Customs acted according to law. Mr, Ibrahim most probably neglected to follow procedure on bringing an exhibition item into US. Rule #1 is to not forget to declare the amp right at the customs gate, don't wait for them to stop you and search through your luggage. Especially when you land at LAX at NAMM time. Have the amp clearly marked as "Evaluation prototype". And have a "Proforma invoice for Customs for less than 900$" with you. That's all. Ignorance is not an excuse at the customs check. Play it nice, there's a chance customs officer plays guitar and will be thrilled to actually meet a real live amp builder. Been there, done that. The other way is to obtain an ATA Carnet from your local Chamber of Commerce

31-Jan-13 10:05 AM

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