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WNAMM13: 'King Korg Video
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Marcus Lee    Said...

sounds pretty good

25-Jan-13 03:32 AM

the other gaz    Said...

it makes me cringe to see led backlit tubes. such bad taste. didn't sound special to me. does the world need another VA? in my opinion there has been very little improvement on the original Nord Lead introduced all those years ago. Still my favorite synth of all time!

25-Jan-13 10:03 AM

Jeff Sepeta    Said...

do any other virtual analogs include such a wide array of filters? this would be a bit more expensive in a modular :)

25-Jan-13 10:43 AM


Nord Lead 2X forever !

25-Jan-13 11:10 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Oh my

Trickle-down synth engine from Kronos? Plus it can be used to control a monotribe!

woo hoo - plenty of reviews to look forward to now, Mr. Batt!

25-Jan-13 02:57 PM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

By the way... "King KORG"? lame

king kong? king crab? king prawn?

and it's only NOT the worst-looking Korg ever produced by virtue of not being plain black

25-Jan-13 08:18 PM

asiohead    Said...

Well, it's one of those general usage "something for everyone" synths ... and your leftover with nothing really interesting or unique imo. Every time I hear "it also does piano" in a synthesizer review I cringe (and hope that it at least has a tube in it ;-) ) A product to compete with the King of bland, Roland. I'm glad Korg does make some other really interesting stuff as well.

26-Jan-13 10:22 AM

dv    Said...


Yeah, you can find some other VAs with similar filter choices, like the Alesis Micron.

26-Jan-13 08:14 PM

on/off    Said...

Some cool stuff but not being analog or even a hybrid sucks imo. Korg could have put a series of analog filters from the monotribe/tron and made a truly wicked synth - 2013 Polysix!! but no its VA (Very Amateur -lol). Hope they make a poly analog at some time like the Dave Smith P12 or similar. Luv the MS20 mini btw

26-Jan-13 09:28 PM


As usual, Sonic State has superior coverage of Winter NAMM. Keyboard mag does a good job as well but you can't beat Nick! I see some whinning over the King Korg but you get a ton of value nowadays for minimum cash. When I was growing up, the best you could do was a Vox or Yamaha portable organ and a Rhodes or Wurlitzer electric piano. Of course you could get a B3 if you had the money and accommodation to tote it around. I've had a Kronos for a while and that has kept me quite satisfied - a far cry from my Korg PE-1000 and Polysix that I played in the early 80's.

28-Jan-13 01:48 PM

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