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WNAMM13: Korg MS20 Mini First Look
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robgs    Said...

credit card at the ready....

24-Jan-13 05:04 PM

A Sound Designer    Said...

"They modeled it on a factory sealed unit."

Korg didn't have records about the circuitry in their own... oh who cares, it's $599!

I hope they sell a million.

24-Jan-13 05:14 PM

dripfeed    Said...

That poor guy looked completely unprepared. Korg must have sprung the new MS-20 on him 5 minutes before the doors opened! Compare and contrast with the guy who did the half hour Moog Sub Phatty demo for Nick.

Korg and Moog are going to sell billions of these synths.

24-Jan-13 05:44 PM

Self Oscillator    Said...

Korg will sell loads of these I under £500. Wish I had shares?

24-Jan-13 06:13 PM

HT    Said...

Nick to the Ringmod rescue. Surely korg will run out of parts. I'm counting my pennies as I speak.

24-Jan-13 06:25 PM

JEm    Said...

1000% kudos to the guy. Unprepared, but a total pro. Love it. Credit card at the ready too.

24-Jan-13 06:47 PM

xyzzy    Said...

oh my god

A serious analog instrment (i.e., not a Monotron) from a ROMpler company!!! Thank god one of these ROMpler companies are doing something interesting at long last! Yamaha, Roland... your move. ;)

24-Jan-13 06:49 PM

Jordan Rudess    Said...

That guy was at least enthusiastic... Tom Brislin and Caso, are you listening?

24-Jan-13 06:55 PM

PJ The 3rd    Said...

daamn, VSTS are loockig pretty boring rite now ,aren't they?, just imagine this korg and the sub phatty in the same room, fuck price, and it will definitely worth it.

24-Jan-13 06:59 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Nick, did you get a chance to touch the keys and play it at all? How do the keys feel? Are they like the action on the Microkorg XL or the older, MS20LC controller?? Do they feel ok to play?

24-Jan-13 07:43 PM

That Guy    Said...

I don't understand how they can send someone to give product demos of something he has no idea what he's doing, or even know the price. Seriously, that dude is probably getting paid decent money for something he knows nothing about. Either way that synth will enter my collection.

24-Jan-13 07:47 PM

Ian Page-Echols    Said...

For a comparison, Amos from Moog is a bad one, as Amos works at Moog and did a ton if not all of the digital control section programming and design of the Sub Phatty and maybe more. You can't expect an outside person to know as much as an engineer working on a product. It does sound like in this case he was pretty much just handed the synth before the show.

24-Jan-13 10:01 PM

Mccreature    Said...

Holy smokes! Great news! I hope this is the shape of things to come...I can't wait!

25-Jan-13 01:11 AM

Joey    Said...

Im excited cause I KNOW this is gonna sell BIG TIME, so that will only lead to MORE reissues ofr classic synth I could never afford nowadays otherwise. Im sure a Poly 6 isnt too far off! Hopefully Roland will follow suit and release a REAL Jupiter 6 or 8 reissue as well!!!

25-Jan-13 03:11 AM

Schnauzerstudios    Said...


25-Jan-13 03:56 AM

Steveo    Said...

Wowza - that's a winner right there and at a sensible price too...they will sell shed loads of them.

25-Jan-13 04:23 AM

rezazel    Said...

Wow. This will look great next to my MS20 VST controller :-)

25-Jan-13 07:22 AM

ferran    Said...

Too late Korg ! I'm out of space in my room !!

25-Jan-13 11:18 AM

rezazel    Said...

Wait - this looks exactly like the MS20 VST controller - probably just a matter of time then for someone to accidentally patch audio/CV into the controller and thereby trashing it :-)

25-Jan-13 02:51 PM

jr    Said...

"First look!" Eagerly awaiting a longer look. :)

25-Jan-13 03:14 PM

Flux302    Said...

I have to honestly say though the build quality felt terrible imho. the knobs plastic couldn't have felt more cheap. it just felt very very cheaply built. the sound didn't really wow me. once I actually get decent internet I will upload my video of it. but I was actually pretty disappointed by it. I felt the stylophone sounded 10x better to be frank.

26-Jan-13 10:50 AM

Benedict Johnson    Said...

Are all those patch slots difficult to learn? I read something about how the new Sub Phatty was "knobbier" than previous models because people are less intimidated by cockpit-like arrays of knobs.

That doesn't stop me ******** myself by the sight of all those physical cables (!!)

This is a significantly more exciting NAMM than last year :)

26-Jan-13 06:53 PM

selercs    Said...

The best analog mono synth for an amazing price ... I had eyes on prophet 12 until unrealized it's 3 grand. Kudos to the 2 Korg engineers who made this happen... Musicians may be more famous but without engineers, nothing can happen!'

26-Jan-13 07:15 PM

Peter K.    Said...

Flux please post your video when you can, and maybe put a link in the comments if that's okay with Nick. I bet it must be similar to how the VST controller felt, though hopefully with a better feeling keybed. One other difference between the two: the new one uses an external (wall wart) power supply. I guess you can't hate on that at a price like this though. I hope the success of this product will lead more of the Japanese manufacturers to consider embracing analog technology again. An analog version of the Polysix, but with the additions found in the iPad version, would be an amazing 'real' product, and I say that as a Polysix owner (both real and virtual versions). No matter how many times I watch this video, I never seem to get bored!! Still can't wait to play it!! This, the Moog, the Prophet 12 and the new, inexpensive Pittsburgh boxes are the highlight of the show. Arturia opened the flood gates last year with the excellent Minibrute, but it seems that they still have problems getting them into customers hands. I love mine but now that area of the market just got much more competitive.

28-Jan-13 12:15 AM

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