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WNAMM13: UAD Apollo Enhanced
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Gemini    Said...

Will 2 Apollo's cascaded give double the DSP power - at least will both of them be accessible through a DAW to give, say, double the plugin count?

And will the same plugin (bought once) be runnable on both at the same time?

Overall, how will plugins be managed in a multi Apollo setup?

24-Jan-13 08:04 PM

billybk1    Said...

I've been an Apollo owner for the past 9 months. Use it on both Mac OSX and PC Win7. In talking to UA, all available DSP (2 Apollo's) will be accessible from a single DAW. So yes, you will basically double your plug-in count. Any existing UAD plug-in license can work with up to any combination of (4) UAD devices (UAD-2 PCIe, Apollo's Satellites, etc). As far as how the plug-ins will be managed in a multi-Apollo setup, well that remains to be seen. But knowing UA,I am pretty sure it will be seamless.

25-Jan-13 10:22 AM

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