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WNAMM13: King Korg
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Adam Bailey    Said...

Why are Korg keyboards sooooo ugly?

24-Jan-13 01:27 PM

Peter K.    Said...

The Kronos looks good... Maybe this is a case of it looking better in person.

I wish it had aftertouch though...

24-Jan-13 01:34 PM

Peter K.    Said...

The King Korg, not the Kronos, sorry. That has a great action with aftertouch, of course.

24-Jan-13 01:35 PM

S R D    Said...

I still own and use a RADIAS. This is lesser specced to my eyes, and ears - i heard a korg demo on youtube - so i hope the street £ is a little softer to help the sales.

24-Jan-13 05:09 PM

Klaus    Said...

It's SO ugly. It looks more like a servant rather than a king.

24-Jan-13 07:56 PM


It looks more like a servant than a king.

24-Jan-13 07:57 PM

Shani    Said...

this is ugly indeed!

25-Jan-13 06:25 PM

Shani    Said...

this is ugly indeed!

25-Jan-13 06:26 PM

Just Jim Peck    Said...

I don't think it's ugly... the gold finish is kinda steampunkish... But who cares what it looks like... I still want one!!!

26-Jan-13 09:53 AM

cromercrox    Said...

Well, I tried the KingKorg. I am impressed, but not impressed enough to buy one. The piano sounds are great, the synths very flexible, dynamic and easily editable. Some of the synths are really big and punchy and analogue-y, with big reassuring knobs for filter, resonance, amp amount, ADSR and all the usual. Some of the sounds I've heard before, on the MS2000 and such, but on the KingKorg you can edit them beyond recognition within seconds. But there were concerns. It's only bitimbral - you can have two sounds, which you can split and layer. I think having the 16-sounds-at-once TR61 has spoiled me. I didn't see any facility for velocity-splits. No after-touch or pressure sensitivity - more of a turn-off than I imagined - I'm just so used to digging in with my TR61. The control surface looks like it's derived from the SV1 stage piano, in that on the left there is a valve (great distortion) and three independent FX banks - tone and sound shaping (including a ringmod - my favourite), modulation (chorus, phaser, flanger, univibe, rotary), and reverb/delay (including a lovely authentic-sounding tape delay). The synth section is on the right. Which is awkward, as all the knobs you want to twiddle most - cutoff, resonance etc - are over to the right, rather than on the left, where they would be easier to get at. On my TR61 there are 4 assignable knobs which are conventionally cutoff, resonance, something I can't remember and envelope release - but they are on the LEFT and easily reachable without obscuring what you are doing with the right hand. So for now I think I shall stick with my dear old TR61. The sounds on the KingKorg are much more accessible and easy to shape on the fly, but I think I shall persevere with the fiddly screen and menus of the TR for now...

14-Mar-13 06:42 AM

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