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WNAMM13: An Entirely New Approach To Making Music With Computers
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DAW_droppingly_bad    Said...

I've just watched the video -

Is this some sort of a joke? The demonstrator starts to explain how to use the product on the mouse click level without any overview of the product or how it is different!

The product itself has ABSOLUTELY NO new features - all of its features are like toy versions of standard features already found in a ton of DAWs.

there are APPs that are FAR superior to this.

The heading to this is a complete fabrication, and I have absolutel yno clue as to how a company could release such a piece of junk and then waste 9 minutes of our time with the most amateurish video I've seen in a long time.

Go back to the drawing board - the last year has been a waste of your time.

24-Jan-13 11:55 AM

Not new    Said...

Creating a clip and then arranging clips has been around since the late 90's at least.

24-Jan-13 04:45 PM

.    Said...

Yeah, this doesn't look even somewhat interesting.

25-Jan-13 07:18 AM

L56    Said...

i don't get this product at all.....USP unknown.

25-Jan-13 04:08 PM

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