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WNAMM13: Three MIDI Interfaces With New Technology
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Mathias    Said...

This concept of interconnecting computer i introduced and suggest Motu, RME, Roland and M-Audio at Musikmesse 2004 and nobody wants to go on that. Now it becomes reality. Fantastic!!!

24-Jan-13 06:14 AM

TP    Said...

This is one of those devices that seems so obvious, I can't believe it's taken this long to come to market. Was just looking for a new interface to replace my aging UM-880 (which also can be hooked to 2 hosts, but doesn't allow simultaneous use and is instead switchable). The iConnect 4 would give me a lot more flexibility to be able to use my laptop, desktop, and iPad all at once -- but more than that, it would also allow me to get all my USB MIDI devices under control and free up ports on my computer?! Brilliant! (Just waiting for a picture of the reverse side to see how it's all laid out...)

24-Jan-13 09:47 AM

robbiemacman    Said...

What I have been waiting for finally a pro way to pipe audio & midi back & forth into a studio computer already thats running another pro interface!

24-Jan-13 11:22 AM

soundog    Said...

So, it looks like the iConnectMIDI2+ is an improvement over the original iConnectMIDI if you are doing iOS connectivity, as it will power your i-Device, and provide Audio PassThrough. But, it's a step backwards if you need USB-MIDI.

I need the USB-MIDI, so I would like to trade my brand-new iConnectMIDI2+ for an older, original iConnectMIDI. It includes all the cables, box, etc, and I also have the optional power supply I will include so you can power everything "computer free." If interested, drop me a note at and we can figure out shipping.

04-Oct-13 05:01 PM

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