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WNAMM13: The Future Of MIDI
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S R Dhain    Said...

Midi 2.0 sounds good, as long as its backwardly compatible with midi 1.0.

Wasnt there meant to be an update to the midi standard way, way back? Im sure about a decade ago, there was something mooted then?

24-Jan-13 05:10 AM

Tim    Said...

"And just as out of tune as ever..."


24-Jan-13 10:18 AM

EMwhite    Said...

It's funny how few people 'get' Midi, which is to say that as 'simple' as the protocol reads on paper (finite and well documented, majority of vendors adhering to standards), there is a lot that gets lost in the shuffle. I suppose being an old school assembly language protocol helps.

As the bloke said 'need to make it plug and play' indeed.

The absence of ubiquitous routing, filtering, and visualization tools are the bane of the protocol but still it works.

My 1983 Kurzweil K250 talks just fine to NI Maschine which controls just fine, a UAD II plug-in running sync'd RE-201 Space Echo emulation on hardware in my Mac Pro which shares a clock with a few MoogerFoogers which are also Midi and don't even get me started on the Midi to Sync24 converter which drives my modular sequencer!

Despite what may appear as a stagnant protocol or lack of progress, it's quite a puzzle that many of us have in perfectly good working order. I can't think of much else in our modern world that has stood the test of time. Now if I can only get this Commodore SX-64 to read this floppy disk to load Dr. T, I think I'll be all set!

Happy Birthday, indeed...

25-Jan-13 12:12 AM

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