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WNAMM13: World Exclusive Moog Sub Phatty
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Pj 3rd    Said...

Thank You Nick :)

23-Jan-13 10:57 PM

NorthernOne    Said...

Thanks Nick, for getting this online so quickly. Great walk through by the Moog guy also; it seem they've thought of everything.

23-Jan-13 11:07 PM

Derek    Said...

Go Sonic!

There is *nothing* better than technical discussion combined with SonicState's enthusiasm, even in a product demo.

23-Jan-13 11:10 PM

Jordan Rudess    Said...

But I'm not in this!

23-Jan-13 11:11 PM

Blake    Said...

Ok, now I'm a bit GAS'y. I was concerned that It would be incapable of smooth bass sounds given the initial demos.

23-Jan-13 11:44 PM

Athar    Said...

Thanks Amos and Nick (Sonic state) for a detailed review..

24-Jan-13 02:15 AM

Athar    Said...

Thanks Amos and Nick (Sonic state) for a detailed review..

24-Jan-13 02:16 AM

Boycott Israel/midi boy    Said...

Wheres is the gold one.....?? Moog are having rings ran round then by other manufacturers, their arrogant self view is tedious. Gold plated moogs just what the world needs right now.

24-Jan-13 02:48 AM

Steveo    Said...

Great review guys and Amos certainly knows his onions. Regarding the "under the hood" functions are there some indicators on the main panel or is it a case of you learning and remembering them. Pricing info ?

24-Jan-13 04:54 AM

S R Dhain    Said...

The fact that each oscillator can be PWM'D independently OR together, is a huge thing. Ive got a voyager and i dont think you can do that without some menu digging and/or pot mapping.

The real sexy stuff is mostly hidden functions, but at this price point is still a lot of bang for the buck.

24-Jan-13 05:26 AM

asiohead    Said...

Always love a good technical review, the guy certainly knows is stuff and is passionate about his synth !

24-Jan-13 07:20 AM

step-in    Said...

Very good work Moog and Sonicstate! I can't understand how technical specifications can be this entertaining :)

24-Jan-13 08:09 AM

Edmund    Said...

Fantastic sounding and versatile synth, Amos does a stellar job of demoing. Congrats to Moog Music and thanks Nick for the video.

24-Jan-13 08:11 AM

HT    Said...

Again, Sonicstate delivers. SP Looks ok but sounds great.


24-Jan-13 09:34 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

Excuse me, I have to pre-order right now.

24-Jan-13 12:10 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...


Is it somehow possible to do the same with Dave Smith about the amazing Prophet 12?!?

24-Jan-13 12:58 PM

Tribrix    Said...

This demo is incredible. I wasn't even interested in the Sub Phatty . . . but now I really want one, especially a desktop version (pleeeease).

24-Jan-13 01:15 PM

Peter K.    Said...

This synth is going to be amazing. Thanks Nick!

24-Jan-13 01:28 PM

Adam Bailey    Said...

Great interview and I must say that this one looks like a keeper! I haven't really wanted any of the new Moog stuff yet, but this looks just right. (It could use an extra octave or two on the keys)

24-Jan-13 01:40 PM

Jordan Rudess    Said...

Where's the wah wah? I show you the WAH WAH!!!

24-Jan-13 01:41 PM

Noel    Said...

Great review and demo.. MY god that guy knows his stuff!!!!!

24-Jan-13 02:06 PM

the other gaz    Said...

he certainly left no stone unturned. What an awesome dude!

24-Jan-13 02:06 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I think this eclipses the functionality of the Little Phatty and Slim Phatty synths but in a small package. It practically is a desktop synth with a built in keyboard. Wow!

24-Jan-13 03:15 PM

vember zalowski    Said...

Superb insightful and instructional video from Amos Gaynes of Moog. His enthusiasm and technical knowledge really shines in this video. A great wee synth that packs a lot of power and 'bang for the buck'. Thank you for this...

24-Jan-13 03:16 PM

audiotecna    Said...

Multidrive distortion is demoed at 19.50 o_O

You can get the Sub Phatty in Colombia in May, from the official distributor, Audiotecna

24-Jan-13 05:55 PM

i Mooged and i liked it    Said...

This is why I love Sonicstate.

28 minutes non stop porn with me trowing money at the screen.

And you gotta love Moog for their dedication.

Namm 2013: Analog is back!

24-Jan-13 06:31 PM

al_bot    Said...

Thanks Nick and sonic guys!

I need a new pair of underpants.

25-Jan-13 11:47 AM

Velocipede    Said...

Fantastic! This is the Moog I've been waiting for. Not thrilled about the 25-key manual (I'd rather have 37 keys or none) and it would be nice to have a small display to see those "under the hood" controls, but at this price point, I'm not sure I should complain. Had a few minutes to play one at the show and just loved the sound.

29-Jan-13 03:14 AM

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