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WNAMM13: Portable Speakers Designed For Musicians
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sf_user    Said...

These speakers look pretty compelling. I have been looking for a portable speaker system to use when playing out with my keyboards. The price point looks good too. I'll have to listen to these later in the year when they are available in the stores.

23-Jan-13 09:48 AM

Live_Gigger    Said...

I was at the show and these sounded terrible, are TINY, Overpriced, and are cheaply made, IK Multimedia has a terrible reputation what did you expect, wine from water? They look ok but I was appalled at how the IK Multimedia speakers sounded. I can see it now, musicians using speakers the size of pop tarts on stage, yes, it's the future, another IK first lol.

24-Jan-13 08:43 AM

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