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WNAMM13: Moog Sub Phatty - It's Official
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al_bot    Said...

Trippy. pass the shrooms... kinda of annoyed that i bought the minitaur a month ago and this comes out now... oh well.

21-Jan-13 02:16 PM

Jamaram    Said...

I have to sell my crappy Minibrute for this baby. Patch memory is a must and believe me I found out the hard way with the Minibrute.

21-Jan-13 03:48 PM

Mugged    Said...

2 octaves - for a thousand bucks - are Moog taking the piss?

21-Jan-13 03:59 PM

Mugged    Said...

Just listened to it's demos on the Moog web site.

This does NOT sound like a vintage Moog. Its sounds essentially identical to my Little Phatty.

It's good - but it's not a vintage Moog - they have an altogether different and utterly undeniable sound. I'm not joking - this sounds almost indistinguishable to my Little Phatty.

21-Jan-13 04:07 PM

Pj The 3rd    Said...

1000 are gonna make you trip pretty hard rite?

21-Jan-13 05:04 PM

Alfredo bicho Vargas    Said...

Sonically, it brings a new overdrive and the sub-oscillator. The noise generator is a really nice addition too.

You will be able to get this in Colombia in June, through Moog Music's official distributor, Audiotecna.

21-Jan-13 06:10 PM

Peter K.    Said...

This will not replace the Minitaur, I don't think.

I have a Minibrute, and I love it. Although this has some great features, and looks well made, I don't think it deals a clear beating to the $525 Minibrute.

What I like though is that it basically is an enhanced Little Phatty engine, but more compact but with better real time control and a few hundred bucks less. I expected it to cost as much as the Slim Phatty rack, so that it would be more competitive to the Minibrute. Still, I think it will be a great little synth. Some of the audio demos on the Moog site are really good; I suggest checking them out. Some nice old school kinds of sounds...

We'll see. I can't wait to compare this with the excellent Minibrute and see what I find.

21-Jan-13 11:01 PM

moreofthesame    Said...

sub phatty?! why the Moog Chubby!

22-Jan-13 08:48 AM

S R Dhain    Said...

Hmm... im a bit puzzled by this, but on the other hand it makes me smile, too.

It's reminiscent of the 70s' moog product line, a la the multimoog, prodigy et al. Fair play to them for taking the prodigy "heart and brain" so to speak, and mixing it up a little to provide a little something for all kinds of buyers. More crunch, a sub osc and noise gen...nice, useable stuff. Im fortunate in that i have a very useable voyager, but even so, i can see the appeal; you can have a smaller and less wallet heavy moog for "stricter" duties, such as basslines only, for example.

However, its not exactly a cheap product by other competitor price standards (think Dave smith mopho etc), why is the keyboard only 2 octaves and why did they lose the arpeggiator in the process? Horses for courses, as always, is the name of the game.

22-Jan-13 02:16 PM

S R Dhain    Said...

apologies. i meant taking the little phatty heart and brain. Well, the phatty isnt too far off from the prodigy, is it, in terms of "then and now" style comparisons.

But when will moog make another MEMORYMOOG? Please guys? How about putting a 100 note or similar, quirky little built in sequencer into one of the existing puppies?

22-Jan-13 02:18 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

Nick, pleeeeeze go to Korg for the King Korg & MS-20!!! Tranks a lot!

22-Jan-13 06:44 PM

SteveFromBerlin    Said...

PS: damn you, autocorrect and WHY only 2 Oxtaves?!?

22-Jan-13 06:47 PM

al_bot    Said...

Where's Jordan Rudess? I half expected him to pop up and endorse this....

22-Jan-13 07:20 PM

DnA    Said...

Cool video. I think it's designed to look like those old Moog records from the late 60s like: "Moog Power," "Exotic Moog," and "Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog (but were to ask for").

22-Jan-13 07:41 PM

Bhang    Said...

That is just nasty over compressed mush. What the Hell?

22-Jan-13 08:49 PM

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