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Review: Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Pedal (World Exclusive First Look)
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NAME    Said...

wrong vid ;-)

21-Jan-13 08:55 AM

the dude    Said...

no info on shipping dates?

23-Jan-13 05:25 AM

God    Said...

Fuck David Gilmour 'n fuck you guys for naming this pedal and not endorsing TERA MELOS

23-Jan-13 02:37 PM

TERA MELOS    Said...

Thanks bro, but I'm not much of a Boss guy, and I can't agree to the whole "fuck David Gilmour" thing since I'm pretty unoriginal and blatently rip off most of his shit, lol...

13-Feb-13 05:31 AM

uhhhhh    Said...

Cool pedal. Not sure thats actually anyone from Tera melos posting above me. lol?

12-Jan-14 03:28 AM

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