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Casio Leak New Synth Pic For NAMM
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Pawel R    Said...

Soo, a digital piano with built-in synth engine.

17-Jan-13 12:49 PM

foobar    Said...

Come oooonnnn phase distortion!

Phase distortion! Phase distortion! Phase distortion!

Actually, anything new and different would be great! But we all know it's going to be another ROMpler. Maybe we'll have a Tom Brislin demo to make it fun, at least.

17-Jan-13 01:54 PM

PM    Said...

I've heard Jordan Rudess will be the endorsee for this new Casio...

17-Jan-13 09:29 PM

MP    Said...

you've heard...

18-Jan-13 06:11 AM

Lagrange Audio    Said...

Couple of things, I'd love it to be a CZ / PD something but: 1) Its too big to be dedicated to that purpose 2) It has those drawbar / knobs that last years XW / PW synths had 3) It looks more like a workstation to attract all those that couldn't afford / justify a Jupiter / Kronos

I hope I'm wrong though...

20-Jan-13 11:52 PM

Mitch B    Said...

Looks kinda like a Kawai K5000S

21-Jan-13 01:17 PM

Chris    Said...

XW-P1 and XW-G1... The two are very boring for me... No innovation. What is yet to come? T he ipad now sounds better than most of the digital hardware. A "Super Synth" you get for 8 euros ...

23-Jan-13 01:27 PM

Bob    Said...

Chris, I guess you have not played around with either keyboard cause the sounds are awesome and nowhere near what an iPad can do in sound quality and functionality while playing live.

Mono synth. Polysynth. Step sequencer Arpeggiator Hex Layer Phrase sequencer

15-Mar-13 03:42 PM

Bob    Said...

If this new Casio is better than the XW-P1 or the XW-G1 then I want one. :-)


15-Mar-13 03:45 PM

jimmypage    Said...

It looks like a reworked Alesis Micron...multi Parts on the key board a thousand programs..

05-Jan-16 03:40 AM

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