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PPG WaveMapper - New Synth For The iPad
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raphus    Said...

I've always wanted to make my own wavetables, but have the synth morph (ala spectral resynthesis) between the waves rather than cross-fade or interpolate. I wonder if this is that this synth does. I also wonder if he'll port it to Reason as a Rack Extension!

16-Jan-13 04:17 PM

Mr.Jim    Said...

Not all of us are iSheep! Now that the cash cow version is released, Wolfgang could you please support the majority of music world and make this in other formats?

17-Jan-13 08:51 AM

I Don't Like Music    Said...

Mr. Jim: try PLEX, also created by Wolfgang Palm, and available as a free download from Hermann Seib's site: While not as mature as Wavemapper, PLEX is very similar and makes a beautiful noise.

18-Jan-13 10:21 PM

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