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New Steinberg Audio Interface
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Not sure about this one...    Said...

What would "blow me away" would be an interface that has USB 3.0 and S/PDIF. This is just more of the same crap that manufacturers have been churning out for the last six years. Seriously? My NI Komplete 6 Audio was a better bargain than this new Steinberg nuisance. I love Cubase, and I like Yamaha, but this interface seems like a serious loser.

15-Jan-13 11:24 AM

Robotique    Said...

It is, sure as anything, ugly as crap. It feels like being thrown back to the grey 90's and a design that reflects how the future looks like.

Fortunately a bunch of audio interface companies (as an example, Propellerheads) knows how to please both the ears as well the eyes (this one better sound great)... If... IF I got forced to use this AI, I'd mount it under the table surface - still avalable, BUT OUT OF SIGHT! Spare us...

17-Jan-13 03:01 PM

franklinmentality    Said...

The only thing good about the UR22 is the Cubase software. The preamps on this unit are horrible and unusable. It's hard to believe that these are the same preamps used on the MR16 units.

30-Mar-13 08:42 AM

Michael B    Said...

Disagreed ! Nice little Audiointerface with clean preamps, rock solid, build like tank - You can even open a bottle of beer with it (no joke !). Latency is fantastic ! I love this piece !

23-Jun-14 04:49 AM

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