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Jordan Rudess Microphone Endorsement
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Benoît    Said...

Rudess should be granted an honorific mba in marketing...

14-Jan-13 06:42 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

I'm among his critics for all this endorsement (though he is a stunningly talented musician) and although it really seems OTT, it must be working - technology companies are flocking to him. And in challenging time making money from music, you cannot begrudge how any musician makes a living these days. To me, his endorsement of so many products devalues them all (but here we are posting and talking about them!!).

14-Jan-13 09:09 AM

D6    Said...

I have to agree, there is almost something completely cynical and comical about his endorsements. Honestly if your purchase something based on the endorsement of someone else, regardless of how accomplished they are, you are clearly bypassing your brain straight to your moron and wallet.

14-Jan-13 09:59 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

Hey Jordan, I'm looking to buy a new lawnmower. Any suggestions?

14-Jan-13 10:53 AM

Frank J    Said...

You can't blame the guy for trying to make a buck.

This is the guy whose been fighting with Blue Microphones forever over copyright. It would be interesting to hear what he's got.

14-Jan-13 11:48 AM

Loneraver    Said...

Hey guys look Jordan Rudess is endorsing it so it must be badass!

14-Jan-13 01:44 PM

Bob    Said...

Rudess doesn't endorse a product (or an artist) because of it's quality. He endorses it because it's connected to the particular religious sect that he belongs to.

14-Jan-13 03:38 PM

Bob    Said...

Oh...and now watch how fast this news article disappears from the front page.

15-Jan-13 08:37 AM

al    Said...

Let's see, how many more products can Jordan Rudess endorse in 2013???

I'm Jordan Rudess and I approve this message.

15-Jan-13 07:39 PM

yrag    Said...

On sale next month—Handjob, Jordan Rudess'es new line of lotions.

16-Jan-13 02:20 AM

what?    Said...

I wonder if manufacturers realize that hiring JR to promote their products hurts more than helps. I know I won't buy a product if I see he endorses it.

17-Jan-13 12:01 AM

TP    Said...

JR's endorsement is a huge disincentive for me. (Thought the very same thing when I saw his goggle-eyed mug on the Waves Element page -- didn't even bother to listen to the synth.) At this point, his endorsement(s) just strike me as both obligatory and lazy -- if there was ever a more obvious example of a company sending an artist a product in exchange for a Skype screen-cap, look no further than the photo above. (And notice that no one here is even talking about the product itself.)

17-Jan-13 09:43 AM

al    Said...

We've gone more than 24 hours since the last JR product endorsement!


17-Jan-13 07:50 PM

brian from usa    Said...

I want Jordan to do an album of piano duets with Bert Smorenburg.

18-Jan-13 10:19 AM

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