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New Focusrite 18-In 20-Out Audio Interface
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Synth_Fan    Said...

3 questions -

- Can two or more of these be used with the same computer and - say one one MBP USB port, connected to an external USB hub?

- Can this function OK sharing a USB hub with the likes of USB iLok keys, dongles, MIDI interfaces and so forth?

- How good is the headphone peramp? Do they compare to the Benchmark DAC for example( I realise this is a lot cheaper and you get what you pay for, but it is Focusrite and one might hope for above the average capabilities in such a department.

14-Jan-13 09:18 AM

deebler    Said...

wow finally this has to be the best audio interface move ever...great alternative so u can use a laptop rather than a cheaper soundcard but fuck yeah!

31-Jan-13 12:52 PM

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