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New Moog Synth Coming For NAMM
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spider_dan    Said...

I am pretty excited about this, though I have a bad feeling that it is going to be out of my price range.

09-Jan-13 04:04 PM

Nick B    Said...

I wonder, it looks like it might be a mini format - like the microKorg or the like. But there will always be a Moog preimuim for sure.

09-Jan-13 04:21 PM

spider_dan    Said...

He made mention of how stable the oscillator was in this video. I wonder if that means it has a limited range like the Minitaur (wasn't that their reasoning there?).

09-Jan-13 04:50 PM

WaveFormTX    Said...

Can we assume that with the Minibrute and Minitaur that there is going to be an affordable analog synth paradigm coming? This new Moog seems like they're focusing on the beginner market that has been populated by the mini-micro range of instruments.

09-Jan-13 06:32 PM

Nick B    Said...

With the limited range, it was down to the power supply, much more electronics and current required to do a full range pitch - which may also have stability issues too.

10-Jan-13 05:47 AM

eXode    Said...

I like the prospect of it having 1 knob/switch per function and also seemingly no patch storage (could be wrong). For me at least, patch storage is not important for a monophonic performance instrument with all the controls available directly.

10-Jan-13 05:54 AM

Chris    Said...

Sounds boring... Always the same Sounds.... Who Need that?

10-Jan-13 08:33 AM

ToxiNN    Said...

So excited its not even funny! It looks like we might finally have an affordable Moog synth, WITH A KEYBOARD ACTUALLY ATTACHED TO IT! I think if this synth is built to be affordable, of course has the true Moog filter, 2 oscillators (with a sub osc nontheless), and some crazy filter modulation, this is going to smack the Minibrute right down where it needs to be, kneeling before the genius of the Moog synths. I totally agree with eXode BTW, I would actually prefer no patch storage on an analog instrument, thats the way they were originally designed.

10-Jan-13 09:56 AM

Fairbanks    Said...

The Taurus and Minitaur were pitch range limited by using Hz/oct rather than V/oct, which require very large voltages to make high notes. This new one seems to be a normal V/oct full pitch range deal.

10-Jan-13 12:17 PM

Henri    Said...

I always toyed with the idea of getting a Moog. The sounds in the video are boring. The minibrute sounds are boring. Analog is boring. The Animoog sounds are funk. Where is the next big thing in sound design ?

13-Jan-13 01:25 PM

Peter K.    Said...

I think it'll be a Moog for those more on a Minibrute-level budget. I think it'll be a great little, inexpensive instrument with a few cool tricks up its sleeve.

I know what you mean, Henri, about analog being potentially boring. The Animoog is fantastic and innovative. Having said that, I as well as many others had to go for a long time without new, reliable, analog instruments and I'm really glad they're back. It's good to own one or two of them for additional colour; we don't need to own all of them for sure. But it's nice now to live in an age where we have a choice.

15-Jan-13 01:29 PM

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