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Waves Release a Synth - Element
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loneraver    Said...

Please don't be endorsed by Jordan Rudess this time... Please don't be endorsed by Jordan Rudess this time...


03-Jan-13 02:02 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Being endorsed by Jordan Rudess means they are taking it seriously? Really?

Don't you mean - being endorsed by Jordan Rudess is a cynical patronizing move and reveals that Waves think that synthesists haven't two brain cells to knock together so that if Jordan Rudess thinks it's good (for a fee) that we'll all rush out and get it.

Don't they know that Jordan Rudess endorses everything going, which makes his judgment redundant. And don't they know that synthesists will puke with that endorsement?

Most of all - are Waves serious, in any way on this Earth, with their user base if they think they can charge 200 Bucks for a basic subtractive synth, untried, where better ones are free for download or on sale do $1 as an App?

Just how serious are Waves taking this?

03-Jan-13 04:33 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

But they use Virtual Voltage Technology. It has to be good. Just think of all them voltages that have been...virtualized. Seriously though, I think Synth_fan hit the nail on the head. It does sound like one of the freebie synths you get on the Computer Music giveaway DVD.

03-Jan-13 05:30 PM

al    Said...

Toilet Paper: Now Endorsed by Jordan Rudess

03-Jan-13 07:27 PM

L56    Said...

Please let us have less Jordan Rudess in 2013.


For what element concerns, it sounds ok, but I'll keep using everything we have already 20x over. .

03-Jan-13 07:46 PM

eXode    Said...

Why have ELEMENT when you can have ACE?

04-Jan-13 02:11 AM

MixDSP    Said...

Visit us at for your lowest price on Waves new Element synth!

04-Jan-13 02:44 AM

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