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Sonic Touch Ep 20: Samplr, Borderlands and iPolysix
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jackjustwondering    Said...

now why is it the iversion of everything is so cheap? when they charge more for other version.

27-Dec-12 08:27 AM

Leslie    Said...

Cubasis review next, please ;)

28-Dec-12 03:07 AM

Igor Amos    Said...

you all are so great! Your different personalities mix in a good way and give great balance to the reviews! I always look forward to your shows. And thanks for the wonderful and pretty comprehensive tutorial on Samplr!

28-Dec-12 11:17 AM

Onimpulse    Said...

Please do a show on touchmonitors + regular DAWs!!!

28-Dec-12 08:59 PM

Arnie in Hawaii    Said...

Another great episode of Sonic Touch.Nick and Gaz are fantastic! I don't know of another web broadcast in the U.S. that compares. Love the English humor, dry wit, etc. Please keep it coming, I'm an old part time keyboard player and enjoy Sonic Touch and Talk immensely.

29-Dec-12 12:15 AM

synthesissiscowet    Said...

Another great episode. I enjoy tuning in (does that phrase even work for this media?). The understanding of both the host and cohost is great. You really get to the level of detail that a lot of reviewers miss, or lack the understanding to uncover. Like another post stated. You not only review the software it is also a mini tutorial. This is much appreciated. So please keep the format of reviews the same. You apply real life usage to each review. Also much appreciated is the opinions, these are true feelings no matter positive or negative.

Keep up the good work and happy new year!

29-Dec-12 10:31 AM

Mustbuyipad    Said...

Another great show lads. Big fan though I don't even own Ipad. Was intrigued by Samplr and wondered if it used WIST as it looked ideal for live usage. Also would love to see Korg port their Wavestation emu to this platform as this is my personal fave from Legacy collection.

30-Dec-12 09:18 PM

Miguel Marcos    Said...

On Borderlands and easier sample loading, the app creator posted a comment that he would be including easier sample management at some point. I also read on his Twitter he will be incorporating Audiobus.

Here's the comment I found:

31-Dec-12 09:14 AM

xyzzy    Said...

>> now why is it the iversion of everything is so cheap? when they charge more for other version.

A few SonicTalks ago, Gaz and Rich were lamenting that the iPolysix was a whopping $15 (regular price $30), so it's not overly cheap in some peoples' eyes. :)

I know I regret spending $15 on the iPolysix. The sound, as Nick hinted re: the original Polysix, is utterly unremarkable. The sequencer is nice but I feel sheepish having wasted $15. I was really hoping it would have a much different and wider tonal palette compared to the iMS-20, but it sounds the same.. only much more blah.

31-Dec-12 10:52 AM

Arnie in Hawaii    Said...

I bought a Korg Polysix back in 1981 shortly after it was available. It's true that a lot of the sounds were not up to Moog standards. I tried to create brass and woodwind sounds which sounded closer to accordion sounds. I tried to do the lead to "He's So Shy" by the Pointer Sisters - passable but not convincing. Still, all in all, it was a pretty neat keyboard for the time. FYI - I also used a Korg Polyphonic Ensemble during the same time. The traveller and related pedal was a nice innovation.

31-Dec-12 06:02 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Thanks for a fantastic review session.

Love the iPolySix - but Samplr is absolutely fantastic - it is simply stunning and will get serious attention and use in my studio!

Borderlands absolutely needs to be able to record samples - utterly pointless until then.

Thank you lads.

02-Jan-13 04:25 PM

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