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Animoog Updated
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Mark    Said...

Will there be an upgrade price for v.1 users?

21-Dec-12 03:04 PM

Trent    Said...


21-Dec-12 06:35 PM

Mark    Said...

Thanks Trent, can you post a link as to this Free upgrade?

21-Dec-12 07:42 PM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Upgraded. Phew! Animoog was excellent, Animoog V2 is breadth taking. To my ears, you cannot get a more ' Moog' sound than this. In the bass end it sounds like a Taurus 1 pedal. Jaw-dropping good.

Moog - please release this as a plugin for Mac/PC. Even if multiples the price, I'd by it in a hear beat.

22-Dec-12 05:31 AM

Trent    Said...

Mark, all you have to do is go into the App Store and download the latest version of Animoog ;)

22-Dec-12 09:15 AM

Saxon    Said...

This upgrade is for the iPad only. I would never run this on an iPod as it does not have enough power. So, I you bought the iPod version you will have to buy it again. I am a little mystified why the upgrade is not available to me as I only have an iPad and MBP. I must have bought the iPad version by mistake. Anyway, I will NOT be buying this again.

28-Dec-12 10:17 AM

Chris    Said...

The latest update takes away your "free" four track, or asks for registration info which it does not deliver, or asks for money for a product that isn't at the store. My five star review will be plummeting to 1 star at the app store if they don't fix it!

18-Mar-13 08:23 PM

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