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MiniBrute-Based Kontakt Synth
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oldfartatomicshadow    Said...

which would I rather have? the actual instrument which is a low cost high performing analog synth or another sample playback vsti? prebrute? what next postbrute?

21-Dec-12 09:13 AM

Chris    Said...

Nice collection to have at a decent price, but I think part of the allure of the Minibrute is that it is a highly tweakable hardware synthesiser.

I should know: I own one ^^

21-Dec-12 09:25 AM

Peter K.    Said...

Yeah, what Chris said! I LOVE my Minibrute. As a playable, tweakable inexpensive analog synth, it's nearly perfect! As a midi controller or a sound processor, it needs some work, but overall it's a smashing success!

23-Dec-12 04:05 AM

RkS    Said...

If you have a Minibrute you can also do something Similar!!! Just sample some clean waves on Ableton and then put them on Ableton Live Sampler and there you go!!! you just got yourself a Polybrute!!! ; )

24-Dec-12 07:53 PM

Justin    Said...

Of course if you have a minibrute, you can do the same thing. Also of course it would be better to have the hardware over the sampled version of it. However this product is cheaper than the hardware and some people are not comfortable working with hardware. I believe this product aims to be the next best thing to owning a minibrute. For that, I applaud the effort. Also, the different choices of signal chain seem quite nice. I went and listened to some of the demos, especially the preset demos. It has impressive sounds to my ear and seems highly tweakable if those are all based on raw waveforms. I might take the plunge on this one.

24-Dec-12 09:11 PM

GTRman    Said...

I sold my MiniBrute two months after purchasing it. The keyboard is useless, there is no patch memory and the sound is, well you be the judge. This might be OK for kiddies but not for real working musicians. Maybe the Maxibrute will solve these problems.

26-Dec-12 10:24 AM

RkS    Said...

You Sold it!!???? I hope you dont regret that!! And yes if you make music using Presets that everybody uses then yes you shouldnt never bought it... I love my Minibrute and it sounds Amazing and like nothing else!!! And that is whats good about it!! I will never sell mine!!!

29-Dec-12 08:10 PM

GTRman    Said...

Rks, If you were a working musician you would know that presets help you recall your sounds on stage quickly so you don't have fumble around programming for the next song. Presets are a must for working musicians. If you are just playing around in you house this synth will work fine for you. The keyboard is also worthless for any kind of lead work. I purchased an prophet 08 instead and love it. I guess you can say that you get what you pay for.

02-Jan-13 08:10 AM

lolatnoobs    Said...

damn GTRman you sound so ignorant...

not every working musician plays the same genre as you...

and if you actually UNDERSTAND synthesis, you could dial in the necessary patch in about 30secs, even if you had to change everything...easily doable in a live setting with the right transitions...

the aftertouch is extremely expressive, making the keyboard amazing for leads.

you should really think about how you portray yourself before posting, because you just come off as an arrogant, naive, moron.

p.s. i have a minibrute LOL

03-Jan-13 03:58 AM

GTRman    Said...

Nice language lolatnoobs. Now everybody knows your intelligence. This is a discussion about the good and bad of the Minibrute synth not a place for you to air out you frustrations. 30 seconds on stage between songs is forever and you would never be able to dial in that exact sound. When working with real analog just a slight turn of a knob will loose that sweet spot sound you need. I know because I have tried it before with Moogs back in the day. What a nightmare that was, thank God for preset memory.

03-Jan-13 01:16 PM

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