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Sonic Touch Ep 19: AudioBus and iMPC
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cruph    Said...

Great job as always guys! I picked up the iMPC and Tabletop and they're pretty cool. LOVE the iMPC. Hope they include pattern sequencing in a later update, and a Toggle mode for the pads so us keyboard players who need to trigger samples quickly and easily live can bring this device on stage with us.

17-Dec-12 05:46 PM

dyscode    Said...

Nich & Gaz, you are doing a great job, really but you could, no you SHOULD be much more critical!

Going easy on apps like iMPC ONLY because it has MPC written all over it but is severly hampered for professional music production, while really innovative stuff like Molten and DM1 (which is currently FREE) own iMPC with both hands downs at any time, does the aspiring iPad musician a bad service.

Putting things in a bigger perspective in that way would be nice.

just my 2 cents of course.

17-Dec-12 10:57 PM

dyscode    Said...

PS: I meant: more openly. Not that 'between the lines'-thing you do so well.

18-Dec-12 01:14 AM

Michal Janowski    Said...

I agree with dyscode: apps should be reviewed in context of other stuff avaiable in the App store. There are many apps that in terms of features just eat up iMPC for breakfast, and are below iMPC's introductory price.

I'm still waiting for the Korg iPolysix review which in my opinion is a far more exciting instrument recreation than Akai's. Also Steinberg released Cubasis for iPad. I would really like to see what justifies it's 45 euros price tag. What can Cubasis do, that apps like Nanostudio (14 euros) can't?

18-Dec-12 06:11 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks for the comments folks. I dont see why we should be more critical, I think pointing out the limitations are enough for most people, there's no need to rub it in!

Regarding iPolysix, we did shoot a review on that day,its coming next episode...

Due to time/resource contraints, we try and shoot a couple of shows when we get together. We'd love to be able to do it more often, but at present, this is a labour of love - we have no sponsor, and Gaz provides his time for free.

18-Dec-12 07:29 AM

Michal Janowski    Said...

Mr Batt, The only reason we demand more shows, more reviews is beacuse they are so good and fun to watch! Too bad you don't have a sponsor which means that for the mentionend Cubasis app you would have to reach 50 euros from your own pocket, ouch! Maybe paypal donations from viewers? I would be happy to participate.

18-Dec-12 10:26 AM

xyzzy    Said...

(nitpicking ahead) There's a stutter/repeated bit of audio on every cut in many many episodes of Sonic Touch, including this one. Maybe you need to switch away from Sony Vegas. ;)

Great show. :) I hope Akai will fix up iMPC soon : Constant notifications = bloody awful!

18-Dec-12 11:16 AM

RP    Said...

Excellent show as always.

12:00, hand goes up at the back of the class

'Sir, I think it's actually the MPC 2000 'XL' it's more modelled on, it's all in the jog wheel and raised display.'

And...beaten up at the end of class again for being a dork.

18-Dec-12 11:58 AM

Gaz    Said...

Thanks for the comments. It is hard to be too critical of apps which cost so little really. The iMPC is a good case in point. The sample library that it comes with sounds very good and is quite extensive, the app is fun to use and seems well programmed. It is far from my favourite though and Nanostudio for example runs rings around it it many ways. MPC users however, will know their way around it instantly and to that end it does a fine job of emulating the hardware version.

18-Dec-12 12:37 PM

Nick B    Said...

Again, thanks for the words of encouragement.

Tech Facts: Actually the stutter edit is because we use many different camera sources. In this episode we had 3xHDMI HD, 1x USB and 1xDV. Each type has a different video processing delay, I have to set the delay on the mixer to compensate - so when I switch in real time from HDMI to USB it adds 200ms which I can usually cut out when assembling the final edit, but from USB to HDMI its minus 200ms which effectively deletes the audio. The reason we live switch is otherwise we'd have to do a five camera edit and capture per episode - but the compromise is a few tech glitches - when we can afford the Tricaster and a producer it will all go away!

19-Dec-12 07:10 AM

Leslie    Said...

@Michal Cubasis has unlimited MIDI and Audio tracks, can control and record external MIDI instruments and will offer Audiobus support very soon. None of that is or will be available for Nanostudio... :(

19-Dec-12 02:09 PM

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