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Electric Piano For Mac And Windows
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EltonJam05    Said...

Lounge Lizard is so fake sounding, are you serious?...looks great, unfortunately sounds thin... more of a granular science project gone awry, great effort though, cheers.

13-Dec-12 07:55 AM

Quiggers    Said...

In comparison to? Nords sample based hardware or NI's kontakt libraries?

What would you suggest as the best source of EP sounds?

I'm not among the lucky few to own a real mkII so I will be giving this the benifit of the doubt, i'll let the demo do the talking.

13-Dec-12 08:31 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

I usually say "Oh boy another digital copy of a EP" but I must say Lounge Lizard does sound great. I can not say that about most plugins but this one is a winner in my studio. I have never owned an EP so I am not comparing it to a real one, just saying it sounds great and I use it in a lot of my tracks.

13-Dec-12 09:01 AM

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