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The Stylophone Grows Up
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Quiggers    Said...

Finally, also yamaha need to take this leaf out of dubreqs book and implement some sound design features into the tenori-on, and velocity into the sequencer.

12-Dec-12 05:28 AM

ilovenicksreviews    Said...

$500USD for a Stylophone? Well, I take back what I said about the Studiologic Sledge being overpriced...

12-Dec-12 08:23 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I dont see any sound examples anywhere... Who's gonna throw $500 at something they cant hear?

12-Dec-12 01:08 PM

raphus    Said...

I wish Yamaha would re-release the CS-01, or Korg would put a proper keyboard on one of their little analogue doohickies. Or a proper keyboard on this Stylophone for that matter, although it might not then be a Stylophone

12-Dec-12 02:45 PM

Tim Lloydsmith    Said...

Stylophone user - initial enthusiasm for pro model tempered by crazy price compared with Monotribe, surely pitching at similar market? Lost opportunity to trump the KORG by standard fit MIDI. Question ergonomics of tiny knobs. Will need to sound pretty amazing not to bomb like the 350s. I will be delighted to be proved wrong..;-)

12-Dec-12 06:15 PM

Mattsynth    Said...

Does anyone know where I can get a full size keyboard like this one with midi or CV output? This one looks too small and I don't really need another mono analog synth.

14-Dec-12 12:04 PM

Tim lloydsmith    Said...

Sound samples are on their way according to their site. Looks like Kronos design influenced the styling rather a lot. Seems like a StyloBeatbox style sequencer top left. .Interest reawakened if this records motion sequences from those little knobs a boutique instrument it is cheaper than an OP1 I guess...

16-Dec-12 10:25 PM

twolittleboys    Said...

a few more dollars and you could buy a minibrute! well so much for the stylophone

18-Dec-12 04:43 PM

tim lloydsmith    Said...

Now heard the first video - oh. It sounds like a 350s thru a whammy pedal. Might as well put a standard stylophone through a Monotron or just get a Minibrute as others have said. Odd - so unviable commercially it almost feels like vapourware.

19-Dec-12 12:48 PM

timlloydsmith    Said...

Octave pedal/Whammy DT that is ;-)

19-Dec-12 12:55 PM

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