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Sonic Touch Ep 18 - Griid and Touchable
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Nsynced    Said...

Thanks for the show, guys! What about Audiobus though?! Released to the app store yesterday (December 10) - a game changer for iOS music.

11-Dec-12 09:06 AM

Nick B    Said...

`We will! but this was recorded a little while back.

11-Dec-12 09:22 AM

Dan    Said...

Thanks for the great podcasts. More on Abeton stuff please :)

I have Launchpad, GriiD and ToucAble but still need something more.

Like a controller with rubber buttons with RGB colour Alphanumeric displays for clips as in the Live Session view : )

And one that can do 16 tracks X 16 scenes in one view

11-Dec-12 09:55 AM

moss    Said...

Testing Caustic on an old HTC phone doesn't do it justice (it's like running Audiobus on an iPhone 4 (which I tried today and it s*cks)). Caustic is definitively the best music app on Android so far. Running it on my new Nexus 7 is a lot of fun! And no it is not only for Techno. You can get a lot of addditional free and pay for sounds on the play store and also can import your own. But cudos for giving Android some love :-) Other things which work fine on Android are TouchDAW and "Sequencer" (which the later is also available on Windows 8!)

11-Dec-12 01:56 PM

Scott    Said...

Thanks for the show, always enjoy it. I've been playing around with reaktor8 and koncreet performer lately - may be worth you covering that at some point? Thanks again.

11-Dec-12 02:11 PM

Nick B    Said...

Actually its not an old Android phone its an HTC One X - quad core. But any how, I think we also covered TouchDAW in a past episode - I will check

11-Dec-12 02:39 PM

Rapscallion    Said...

Another nice show guys . Ive been using Touchable for several months now in my studio and love the ability to get up from the mix position and kind of take the mix with me to other parts of the room and even the house ... over wi-fi . Would definitely have to have a very robust wi-fi set up to attempt this live but I'm interested in the possibility of more than one person accessing the same session over the same network

12-Dec-12 01:19 PM

moss    Said...

Sorry for putting shame on your top notch phone :-)

12-Dec-12 04:03 PM

another gaz    Said...

thanks for the great show. merry christmas to you both and here's to lots more top content in 2013!

15-Dec-12 08:29 AM

Trashy cord    Said...

How about liine's Livecontrol template for lemur?

29-Dec-12 09:39 PM

Trashy cord    Said...

How about liine's Livecontrol template for lemur?

29-Dec-12 09:42 PM

Paul Donahue    Said...

So Glad that you guys are tackling the teaching side of this fast moving arena.

I have been an audio engineer in Southern California since the '70s and love how far we've come with control and sounds.

Keep up the good work.

18-Feb-14 01:21 AM

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