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Podcast: SONIC TALK 294 - Logic's Next Big Update
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miss manners    Said...

Please don't talk with your mouths full, chaps. :-( It's really disgusting!

06-Dec-12 06:28 PM

Leslie    Said...

No video?

07-Dec-12 07:45 PM

xyzzy    Said...

The video starts at the 16 minute mark. :)

Technical gripe re: MIDI timing... it's about latency and timing, not bandwidth! Depending on how quickly a polling operation completes, polling on its own does not necessarily have to interfere with MIDI timing.

Mark talks about MIDI in cooperative multitasking environments (classic Mac OS) via the serial port but didn't mention how much more difficult it is to handle realtime processes in preemptive multitasking environments. Hang on to your Atari STs, folks. :)

08-Dec-12 09:34 AM

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