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Rumours Of Logic Pro's Demise
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Logic    Said...

I hate journalism like this. The scary headline relies on a rumour on a pro tools forum! Scare moungering at it's worst to try and have a go at Apple.

30-Nov-12 07:19 AM

JJ    Said...

Agreed. Why post bullshit heresay? I might aswell claim that in fact I have been working with the beta version of Logic Pro XII for over two months and the multi-touch interface is great on my 64-core Mac Pro 2013 with 256GB RAM and a 16TB SSD, specially on the non-glare 72" retina display. because its true, Apple sends me these things all the time for testing.

30-Nov-12 08:40 AM

Nick B    Said...

I dont agree, yes its an attention grabbing headline, thats what they are supposed to do. PLus I also did mention that there was also postings to the effect that Logic X is well on the way. But either way, Apple have not updated software for almost three years. Is that an acceptable way to treat your customers?

I dont see why they should be exempt from an criticism - not that this is particularly critical.

BTW, I'm a long time Logic user.

30-Nov-12 11:09 AM

CR78    Said...

Apple has'nt abandoned Final Cut Pro; which is at version X. Many people grumbled how 'lacking' it was when first released but now there seems to be some strong support with the latest and ongoing updates.

So, my question is, does Video production trump Audio production in Apple's eyes.? I realize that's a wide-open topic for discussion but sometimes a wider/non-microscopic view can be helpful.

I realize I'm throwing darts here but these are the first thoughts that came to mind.

p.s. Nick, great SonicTalk this past Wednesday. ;)

30-Nov-12 12:28 PM

Bhang    Said...

I also do not believe these claims. The idea that Logic has lost its key members is completely bogus. Logic is well on its way and will be presented when it is ready. Does no one remember Apple buying up Redmatica? Why would they kill Logic and still be buying up audio technology. This isn't the only thing they have purchased since the last version of Logic.

30-Nov-12 02:24 PM

Wildman    Said...


While it is true it has taken three years there have been maintenance updates. We had a Logic update just a few weeks ago, and I'm confident we'll get a major new version when it's ready. There are other DAW's that have overtaken Logic on certain features. But i still use Logic, it still works and it does the job. I still find it the most pleasing to use and look at. Apple have purchased Redmatica & some patents on audio manipulation recently which shows us some future potential. I really hope Apple will blow away the competition if they dont then there are plenty of people waiting to ditch them. But be careful you dont waste your money on one of the new daw's only to find you wished you had stayed with Logic when X comes out.

01-Dec-12 07:05 AM

Yoy    Said...

They could buy Avid with Mac OS they did with Logic, and then the new Mac Pro would be released at the same time !

01-Dec-12 11:12 AM

Worried Logic User    Said...

Here is the thing.

It doesn't matter if Logic X comes out or not. Its the lack of information we get from Apple about Logic. (compare it to when Logic was still Emagics thing)

That Apple bought Redmatica doesn't mean its going to be used for the next Logic. What about garageband for the idevices etc.

If Apple buys Avid everyone will be very pissed so that wont happen.

If Logic X comes out I personally want to have it its own website, updates every month, fast response from a dedicated Logic team etc. If not then I don't think the "pro community" wants anything to do with it.

01-Dec-12 11:51 AM

Dwight domingue    Said...

I don't think Apple would have purchased Redmatica only to drop Logic. I expect a Logic update soon, and for it to have a huge EXS 24 upgrade.

01-Dec-12 12:46 PM

gendronw    Said...

Changing the DAW software you use everyday is counterproductive. You have a hole bunch of buttons and shortcut to learn. Logic is now the oldest of all the DAWs available, but it's also the cheapest ! What you get for the price, in my opinion, is a better value than what the competition has to offer. What are the features you need so much from cubase 7 that you can't get with plugins in logic? (I am a cubase user Btw :)

01-Dec-12 01:06 PM

SickofthisShi    Said...

I don't think Nick should be taken to task for posting this.

The silence from Apple is causing the problem. They should just announce that Logic is being developed - does that give anything away? No.

If they want to stick with the silent treatment then they have to accept they will have angry customers and probably lose a number of them.

Maybe if more people in the media spoke out, we'd have a better relationship between Apple and Users.

01-Dec-12 05:15 PM

Bhang    Said...

" the silence from Apple is causing the problem" ... What problem? That people have lost all sense of patience? That Apple won't submit to the idea that a product needs to be updated every year? that they aren't blogging about what they have up their sleeves for the next round of updates? Sorry, but I do not see any issues outside of people venting.

01-Dec-12 06:58 PM

SFord    Said...

The point that Logic has been left behind seems a bit odd too.

I myself love Logic Pro 9. It's a great DAW. Aside from a few AU crashes here and there it's been the best music prog I've ever had.

Yeah sure there are some bits and pieces which need to be sorted out but it's still a great DAW. I quite like the fact they don't push hard new upgrades (like they do for OS's, I'm STILL on 10.6.8)

02-Dec-12 07:59 AM

mauvehead    Said...

Apple has the resources and prestige to keep upcoming product releases under wraps. That has always been, and always will be, their company policy. I can't say I blame them. The bigger they get the more haters they'll garner, so any leaks or rumors are just asking for a PR headache for Apple. To cave in from outside pressures to play by competitors' rules (i.e. semi-frequent minor updates, constant promises of certain features to be released in the next update, etc) would only slow down product development. Also, as others have mentioned, who else offers a comparable pro DAW for $200? Also, bear in mind the direction Apple has taken by making Logic available only in the App Store. Apple is clearly making their entire range of products more and more integrated as time goes on. For better or worse, they are smart for doing that, and judging by their stock market value they have nothing to worry about. For my part, most of the Apple line-up does a good job at what it is designed for. I need something that is solid and reliable that I can depend on in my day-to-day work and Logic meets those needs. I don't have time to obsess over whether or not Logic can do certain things live Live or PT or (fill in the blank). So long as Logic still gets the job done then I'll still buy the updates. Not because it's an Apple product but because it's a good product...

02-Dec-12 03:22 PM

Blake    Said...

I applaud them for not coming out with what I think would be unnecessary updates every year or so. Logic 9 is a fine program and if it isn't broke, don't try to fix it.

I would think that they learned there lesson from the Final Cut Pro fiasco. Final Cut Pro 7 wasn't broke but they tried to fix it and what a mess that was.

Now I've recently switched to Presonus Studio One V2 because I find it more intuitive for me to use but Logic is still the DAW I know best and IMHO it is still the top "all around" DAW out there.

02-Dec-12 08:39 PM

Sam Mallery    Said...

Worried Logic User: "If Logic X comes out I personally want to have it its own website, updates every month, fast response from a dedicated Logic team etc. If not then I don't think the "pro community" wants anything to do with it." I hate to say it, but if this is truly what you desire, disappointment is guaranteed. PS - Nick, I totally disagree with the first two comments. Keep up the great work.

03-Dec-12 09:30 AM

Willy J    Said...

Well I think this answers it doesn't it?

03-Dec-12 02:49 PM

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