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Object Of Desire - EMS Synthi AKS
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Atomic Shadow    Said...

I am with you on this one Nick. Lust is the word. But it is only a dream. They change hands for stupid money, the most recent I saw was in the $12,000 range. You can buy an awful lot of DotCom style modules for that money. So that is where I am heading. Slowly.

30-Nov-12 09:57 AM

eXode    Said...

I have the licensed EMS Synthi Filter from Analogue Systems, they also offer a licensed EMS Synth Trapezoid Generator. Those two modules together is a relatively cheap way of obtaining part of it's character.

03-Dec-12 07:42 AM

mkumec    Said...

I have one built in spring 1972 according to Robin Wood who built them. needs some TLC no case or keyboard. I'm going to sell it, might get it cleaned up first...

11-Feb-13 07:51 PM

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