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Free '80s Synth Sounds For JUPITER
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Salvation    Said...

This is a Awesome collection and it sounds Amazing. I was shocked to here some analog love and warmth , good show Roland ! Can't wait for the next installment !

29-Nov-12 10:01 AM

Peter K.    Said...

It's true; some of these patches were VERY close! Sounds great, and could be mostly identical with further tweaking if that's important to you. It's nice to be able to layer and split sounds from different legacy keyboards too!

29-Nov-12 10:47 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

Wonderful. I own the JP80 and find it to be an exquisite synth. Have just downloaded the collection, and cannot believe Roland made this collection available free of charge. Thank you Roland.

29-Nov-12 04:41 PM

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