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Polysix For The iPad
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ExRoland    Said...

Korg did it again! I feel so sorry for the Roland guys who are soooo lost in their marketing plots... They could have all the legendary synths in iOS or whatever virtual form but nooo, not interest in soft synths, we make hardware nonsense...

26-Nov-12 02:08 PM

Adam Bailey    Said...

Awesome, but what a tragically jazzy demo. Korg needs to get back in touch with music.

27-Nov-12 03:45 AM

Mattsynth    Said...

I don't know if it is just me but I have a hard time considering an iPad as an instrument. It is very hard to turn knobs and navigate unlike a real hardware synth. This is a great App but to incorporate into my studio as an instrument is just not working for me. I like hands on feeling when writing songs and a touch screen just does not do it for me all the time. Soft synths are the same way. I have a Roland V synth GT that has a touch screen for programming but real knobs, keys and controllers for playing. That works for me because there is no fussing around with setting up. Does anyone else fell this way? Is there a good controller for the iPad that I can use in real time while playing? Something easy to setup without mapping the entire synth.

27-Nov-12 08:02 AM

J    Said...

I have the iMS20 and love it although it can be hard work. This iPolysix app however is more intuitive, expansive and personally I think it sounds great too. I once had the real thing before the notorious battery screwed it up. You can do a heck of a lot more with this app than you can the real thing. It still amazes me that the iPad is not considered an instrument by many. What is that really all about? It clearly is..There are many pieces of software / apps that are unique to the iPad, taking advantage of all of it's features that are non existent in the majority of hardware synths. Besides if you think an iPad is not an instrument then you could easily argue that a hardware synth is not an instrument.. It's not just the interface that makes an instrument. A box with keys and knobs on it that generate no sound until you power it up and put it through an amp. You have to physically hit, feel and hear something resonating for it to be a 'real instrument' - a cello, a cymbal, a 'real' piano etc etc So maybe It is simply a matter of attitude, creative experience and expression. By using this technology we are part of a new era for music production and it should not be sniffed at, but embraced because it's where we are headed. It's fine to prefer hardware over virtual (even I do) and of course there are always gonna be the true analogue vs digital fanboys but to hell with all that crap. It's about what you do with it that counts. It's about doing and learning how to get the best results out of something - anything you use - for YOU! If you want the benefits of some cutting edge software and you want your real keys, knobs and sliders, dont be lazy, map a hardware controller, save the preset and you are always good to go with your hands on experience. It's also a good way to really learn more about the product you use and in turn open up more possibilities. Sorry for the mini rant but c'mon... this app is excellent and it will only get better and the iPad has incredible possibilities for music production.

27-Nov-12 03:04 PM

cresshead    Said...

bought it yesterday...i'm running it on ipad 3 just so you know the hardware situation.

really like the sound of it. shame there's no double tap to zoom into the screen for the knobs unlike the ims20 as it's tricky to set them exactly where you want them.

the live RECROD feature seems laggy and lots of missed timing when playing back your live record...i have to fix up nots in the step editor...which brings me to...the step editor it looks nice and shiney but is a right royal pain to use/see what notes you've placed..less gloss more usable u.i. would really help here...not as good as the ims20 for clean u.i in the step editor.

on the upside you can record 4 bar patterns so you can do more musical stuff than just 1 bar repeat dubstep. the song editor is pretty groovy too....reminds me of the nintendo korg DS10

drum sounds are frozen polysix synth sounds..that's great touch.

bottomline?..even with the issues above it's in my opinion the best ios synth app out sounds stunning and has some great features.

27-Nov-12 03:06 PM

Peter K.    Said...

As far as whether it's an instrument or not, here's my take: get an Alesis I/O dock and MAKE SURE it's go the latest firmware update. Then you can think of the iPad and this great app as a tabletop sound module with a multi touch interface.

If you get a good midi controller - the Samson Graphite 49 looks KILLER - then assign some knobs and you're good to go.

There are some other killer apps that show the usefulness of the screen: Animoog and especially VirSyn's Addictive are great examples, as are the Korgs.

28-Nov-12 05:55 PM

John    Said...

Major latency issues. That was a wasted 15 bucks! lol

09-Dec-12 05:12 AM

Peter K.    Said...

I was having stuck notes and stuff with it at first, and then I updated the firmware of my Alesis I/O Dock and now things are much better. Check your Settings, and device firmware John... It might make a difference.

13-Dec-12 02:03 AM

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