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Sonic LAB: Korg Krome Presentation
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bartal    Said...

Nice and honest demo.

26-Nov-12 09:28 AM

the other gaz    Said...

i love the sonicstate reviews and this was no exception. i like the rapport between Nick and the demo-guy and the wisely chosen questions.

The Korg guy did a great job and the synth sounds great. NOthing really revolutionary however except for the 2Gb piano. Seems like a good deal for the price!

26-Nov-12 04:58 PM

samsung    Said...

as i mentioned i will never buy korg products cause of their costumer support ignorance,..look at m3 i own it,.. last OS was 4 years ago,..go with Yamaha Motif,..or better go with state of the art Kurzweil PC3 for 1000 eur still the king of sound expressions.Korg is like Mcs fast food with bad meat

27-Nov-12 04:30 AM

selercs    Said...


Korg has that round, juicy synth sounds Kurzweil can't emulate. Kurzweil is organic and natural, so every synth is for a different purpose - it's subjective.

27-Nov-12 10:01 PM

Peter K.    Said...

My M3's been cool but now I'm having calibration issues with the screen. I can still get by but it's a PITA. Might have to get a new screen...

Still love it, and for fly out gigs it's great.

The Krome is a lightweight budget board that sounds good. Nothing earth shattering, but again, some things don't need to be earth shattering to be good, they just have to be good to be good. It's got some limitations compared to the M3 but the price and the new piano sounds are very good.

28-Nov-12 05:49 PM

The Guvnor    Said...

Just what we need, ANOTHER workstation with no synth engine, and with a name close enough to an established product (Kronos on this occasion) to make you think you are getting a 'budget' version of the other product. How many more of these things can they pump out...sigh.

03-Dec-12 12:02 AM

Simon    Said...

This guy used to work for Roland. I wonder what made him switch sides? Personally I believe Korg shoud've done with the Krome what Roland did with the JP-50 - at least include ONE virtual analog synth engine in addition to the sample stuff! And also - it's incredibly lame that like 90% of the 4GB of samples are the pianos and rest is all rehashed stuff from the M3 basically.

05-Dec-12 03:40 PM

Benedict J    Said...

Some beautiful photography on the close-ups at the end there, if you don't mind me saying!

If the Krome electric pianos are anything like as good as the Kronos electric pianos, then Korg can be relied upon to blow Nord out of the water in the EPs department :)

But I wonder, under what circumstances do people use workstation orchestral patches? You always get them, but where is their place? Are people really emulating orchestras with them?

05-Dec-12 04:06 PM

Alex    Said...

Man, i love it when keyboard reps demo a grand piano sound, you always get some kind of jazzy 4/4 suspended 9ths lullaby type thing that you just don't hear anywhere else in the world XD

12-Dec-12 10:35 AM

Saul Yamaha Forums    Said...

There is a big price gap between the Krome and the Kronos. If they had put another synth engine in the Krome not only would it cost more but many people would not bother buying a Kronos. It's marketing and it's business and yes it sucks but Korg like everyone else needs to make a profit. The Krome is a fantastic value for money keyboard and it does what it does well. It's not perfect but it's also not two grand! Take it for what it is, not what you want it to be. By the way, it's far better than anything Roland or Yamaha are offering in this price range!

18-Feb-13 07:03 AM

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