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Sonic Science: Do Woods Really Make a Difference To Tone?
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blademaster    Said...

You are wrong. Wood and their densities *do* influence the sound of an electric guitar. Maybe not as profoundly as some state, and certainly dependent on how loud you turn it up (the amp feeds back sound into the body and influence the sound picked up).

It is no myth.

20-Mar-14 02:32 PM

DK Wilson    Said...

So, when an electric guitar is played accoustically the wood makes no difference in the sound? This from a guitarist who, knowing what pickups are in an electric, has always purchased guitars based on how they first sound sans amp.

14-May-15 03:49 PM

blademaster    Said...

Another point to prove you are wrong. Try playing a doubleneck solidbody guitar on one neck while the pickups are switched only to the other neck. Do you hear anything? If you do (like I have) then the sound is created by the vibration of the body travelling to the other set of pickups (note that a tuning fork will produce no sound - I have tried it - so it is not the magnetic field that creates what you will hear). Obviously if this sound, which is quieter but still pretty significant, travels through the body then the body material (wood) resonance will influence this additive tone.

It is pretty hard to deny it once you have listened to this.

17-Jun-15 12:50 PM

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